Monday, March 26, 2012

Birth of the Cool

It's my birthday! Yeah! I got a pink ice-cream machine today, awesome (only found pics. of a blue one)
=) But where's my presents from the guys? No cake?! Sucks to be a boy-band. No signs of care here.....

[UPDATE]: Here's proof for Axel that my epic S5510 Samsung phone has a camera! And actually a 3,2 MP one!! Proof that the time of the clampshell-phones is not over yet... Proof that Apple will fall... Proof that.... x-/ ....Proof that I don't have enough money for a smartphone. (Yet) ...So you just sip that smoothie till then! XD

Its been a really really messed up week, 7 days of practice and work, fighting the flue and such. But out of the dust, Satin Circus rises, with new fresh live arrangements to tackle this weeks gig like a bull on froot loops...with tight, colored jeans of course.

As you've been thoroughly informed of, there has been a lot of time spent in the studio lately. Krippe is actually there a.t.m. singing lead vocals for our new song "Peach Party". We love the song, and its a true product of our love for pop-music. There is not a single bar or phrase that we haven't worked out together all four of us. The keyboard verse theme was originally a bass-doodle I had come up with, and on that we started adding up ingredients. The lyrics were worked out together on different occasions, and the chorus took its time 'till it came out right, but now it's ready. It represents the progress we've made so far together as a band and as songwriters. Our true strength lies in working as a group, sharing brains. All in all I think it is the most genuine Satin Circus song so far, in many aspects. It's crystallized positive energy!
We play it live for the first time in Porvoo this Wednesday, so if you want to be a pioneer("PoPsTeR"*) then you know what to do! =) @ 21:00
Don't miss the CafĂ© Mascot gig either!!!

* Peach Party True Respecters

Right. See you soon =P

//Paul <3

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  1. pioneer popster here! peach party is so good, you guys! + congrats again on winning ♥