Monday, August 26, 2013

The last week of August

Hi Popsters,

Tonight we'll have an odd gig. Sony Music has flown their executives from Sweden, Norway and Denmark to Helsinki to listen as we play a gig in a secret venue. So there's not gonna be anyone else in the audience than a couple of music business guys. I guess it's not gonna be one the wildest crowds ever, but we have to pull off a great show since this gig can have a major effect on what's gonna happen in the next few months. 

The weird thing is that even though this is one of the most important gigs we've had so far, I'm not at all nervous. We have practiced so much and we've had a lot of gigs, so I'm very confident that we're gonna rock it tonight! :) If we manage to have fun on the stage the way we always do I can't see anything that could ruin the show. One thing that we've learned this summer is that no matter what kind of technical disaster happens on the stage, if you don't let it affect your performance it won't matter. We even had a gig where my in-ear monitor system crashed and I had to play the entire gig without hearing a thing that the other guys played. It was something we had feared for a longtime but that gig just showed us that doesn't matter as long as you're just having good time with the audience and don't let little setbacks affect you (an attitude that goes well with anything in life :)).

Krippe getting ready

Last week we shot some new stuff to our upcoming music video. The location was very cool and I think we got some really nice footage! :) The release date is not that far away, so you get to see it soon and judge for yourself :)

Another highlight from the last week was the open air screening of the movie "Moulin Rouge" in the center of Helsinki. I hadn't never been at such an event and it was so cool! The atmosphere was perfect: thousands of people having a picnic an watching the movie in the sunset and applauding to the best scenes. It's also one of my favorite movies, so it couldn't have been better :) Such a shame that things like these only occur during the Helsinki Festival. I'd like to do something like this every week! :D

The screen outside the Helsinki Music House 

Next week we'll go back to our normal schedule and start writing new song again. Looking forward to that! :)

Much love,
- Social Joe <3

Ps. Last week I had a dream where Paul first peed on me and then staged me to a crime :D I woke up being extremely mad at him before I realized it was just a dream. Just saying…

The villain...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

monday monday


This weeks highlight was probably the gig in Porvoo! Thank you. It was amazing. When we had packed our car and we were just about to leave I took my regular seat and I remember thinking to myself, "Feels good to be home". Being on the move & playing gigs makes me feel alive! I lurvv it.

The crowd was crazy at the gig and we signed autographs for hours after the gig! It was nice to meet so many new people that enjoy our music. Big up to the tech-crew, everything worked flawlessly! And the whole gig was streaming live on national radio which was pretty neat! Check out EMMA live HERE!

This photo sums up the whole concert pretty well!

Our next gig is this Saturday (24.8) Mopo-rock in Roihuvuori! That's actually where I started my music career by playing the violin when I was 4! (I wanted to play the trumpet, but because of my asthma it wasn't such a great idea) Hope to see you all there!

This was a really short blog entry. But you know what? Life is short, so go out there and enjoy yourself! I'm meeting up with a friend who's moving abroad to study, so I need to go :) There's not much left of the summer, so take your chance and go out on midnight swims, park picnics and eat your berries while they're still fresh! Autumn in soon here and you'll get to enjoy Paul's mushroom stories...

next week I'll think of something smarter to say. sometimes silence is gold.

stay classy 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Nauvo & Lintsi!

Wow. What a week!

Going back to work has been the best thing that has happened this summer!

I love chilling and driving the boat and stuff and it was great to take a break from everything, but getting back to doing what you love most of all is the best possible way to end a vacation. We've been practicing every day and we've also been listening to our almost finished first album. It's gonna be so freakin amazing!!! We all have new favorite songs. Emma is great, but I have to say that the album has at least 5 songs that are even better ;)

This weekend has been one of the best weekends ever. On Friday I went to Linnanmäki with my friend. I hadn't been there since 2004 so there was a lot of new stuff to try! It was superfun, although we felt a little nervous in some of the machines :D

On Saturday we took off to Nauvo, a small town in the Finnish archipelago. Playing there felt amazing, it's been three weeks since our last gig and we really enjoyed playing live again. We had a much bigger audience than we had expected and everybody was having a great time! After the gig we had a lot of time to hang out with fans, something we always try to do. And when Krista Siegfrids performed later that night she asked us on stage to shoot at the audience with water guns :DD that was probably one of the funnest things I've ever done :D I recognized some of our fans in the front row and might have aimed a little at them although we were supposed to shoot in the air... :P hahahaaa but that was so funnnn!

After the gig we enjoyed the Nagu nightlife;) great night!!

going to Nauvo!
Nauvo sunset & Plu
Water guns backstage...
Water guns on stage :D
The next morning we took off to Linnanmäki, this time to play a gig! A big group of fans were waiting for us like 6 hours before the gig, and that was kinda cool! When we finally got on stage we were overwhelmed by the big crowd, probably one of the biggest we've ever played for!! The gig was greater than ever, and we all enjoyed it a lot (although my feet were almost ripped off when I went in the front to play my saxophone solos) :D

#Backstage Lintsi
the autograph queue!
Thank you Linnanmäki <3
Today we had a photo shoot for our album cover and other stuff. We had the best time ever. Great styling, great make up & hair, great photographer, great A&R, everything just felt just as it should. Sooooo good!! We're gonna get some veeeery cool photos!! 

photoshoot! more photos on Instagram :)
Our next gig is next Friday in Porvoon Urheiluhalli. It's a big venue and playing there is gonna be supercoool! You should get there on time, I've heard that some girls are planning to start queueing at six in the morning… 

You can get your tickets here :)

I don't know what more to say. It feels so good to be back. In the following weeks we're gonna finish the album and play more gigs. We're also filming some more stuff to our upcoming music video for the second single! See you soon! ;)


New fan Eve, 3 years old <3

Thursday, August 8, 2013



Sorry I'm late.. :( 

It's been an awesome summer!! A lot of sunny days throughout in Helsinki. We're giggin' full time right now, Saturday in Nagu, Sunday in the amusement park Linnanmäki, next Friday in Porvoo, and so on. A tour in Finland nowadays means that you have gigs every weekend, only occasionally on workday evenings. So, we are on a Finland-Tour a.t.m!! YEAH!

I've fallen in love with the Finnish flora and fauna, again. Happens every summer. 

In Houtskär: 

On Katajanokka
And even in Vantaa!! =D

We got new haircuts the other day in Loreal Studio. The coiffeur put at least a hundred different substances in it! Haha.
Me and John! =D

In my "R.E.S.P.E.C.T." Rediculously Experimentally Culinarist Paul's Extreme Cooking Thread foodblog I'm going to present you with a fresh food invention by me: The Pistachio Avocado Pasta. The core ingredient to the pasta is a pesto  that contains a 100g pistaccio nuts, two handfuls of fresh basil, 1dl grated parmesan and pecorino cheeses in a blend of your choice, and two avocados. I saved a few nuts to be roasted to top the pasta, along with cherry tomatos, some grated parmesan and a few leaves of parcley. The whole idea for a pistachio based pesto was actually a cause of a co-incidece when I forgot to buy pine nuts which I normally use for pesto. I then happened to have pistachios left in my drawer. =D The final tweak to this pasta was also a creation of circumstances. One of the avocados I had bought for the pesto was raw!! Damn!! This has happened earlier, and I was relatively pissed. This wasn't something that I could take happening again! So I figured as much: You can't eat a raw potato, but if you cook it, it's glorious. (well the potato for example is not a fruit like the avocado so not a perfect line of thought... but still) SO I fried a few slices of avocado in sesame oil to give it some more taste, and you know what, IT WAS GREAT! The avocado doesn't taste much either raw or fried, but once fried it was warm and gained a nice meatish texture, with a crisp skin which complemented the otherwise a bit saucy and cold avocado pasta. HAHA perfect! It's a breakthrough!!! Eat that.

Take care!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Wet flop laptop

Hi Popsters,

I'm writing this post with my iPad. I love it and I will always stay by its side, but writing a bit longer text with it can be arduous (hah, yep Google Translate :D). So why I'm not writing this entry with my laptop? Well…

A couple weeks back I was going to our studio for rehearsals. I was going to the gym afterwards so I packed all my sportswear in the same backpack with my other stuff, including my laptop. Once I arrived I discovered that the shampoo bottle I had in the bag had opened during the bike trip and all of its content had poured on (and into) my laptop. After 30 minutes of cleaning up the mess I dared to switch on my computer. The laptop smelled better than ever, but somehow it failed to appreciate this point of view, and after about ten seconds the beautiful green screen turned into black. The repairman was quite impressed by the comprehensive destruction I've managed to achieve, and kindly suggested me that pretty much everything inside the laptop had to be replaced. Well, I guess wouldn't have come up with anything to do with those 900€ anyways, so what the hell… :D 

The last couple of weeks have been strange for me. Since we haven't practiced every day, I've had more time to do other things, and I've found myself reading a lot about the history of the 20th century, learning to play the guitar and starting a new gym routine. Nice, but I already miss waking up early and getting to the studio, and the satisfaction that comes along working hard. I'm weird, I know… :D

Axel playing on the Lauttasaari bridge. Guess the song :D

Since we're not writing new songs right now I needed to come up with something productive to do, so I bought an acoustic guitar. My finger tips have been sore ever since, and slowly some progress can be heard. As frustrating as learning difficult new songs and fingerings can be, the supreme hardest thing have been breaking a bad habit. You see I have played the guitar for years, and I've been able to play "campfire guitar" (I know the expression doesn't exist in English, but it means being able to play very simple basic stuff with the guitar). Now that I started to really practice the instrument, it turned out that for all these years I've been holding the pick the wrong way. Learning more complex stuff with the wrong technique proved to be impossible, and so I had to learn again how to hold the pick. And that's hard!! Since I've been doing this in a certain way for years, it have gotten into my "muscle memory" and changing it is so much harder than just learning something completely new. But as said, after a couple of weeks of frustration I finally got hold of it. I guess in the future I'm gonna play the guitar solos. Or not… :D

So beautiful... <3

This week I've been sick and so forced to stay at home. Very boring, but luckily I have Netflix and the guitar :D The weather haven't been the best ever either, so it made the task a bit easier :) 

As Krippe wrote last week we're gonna have some gigs this month all over the Souther Finland (check the dates from the previous post). Hope we'll see you there <3 

From our boat trip to Porvoo last week :)

- Social Joe <3

Ps. Who ever designed the plumbing system in our house, didn't know what he/she was doing! :D

Pps. Note to self: always put the shampoo bottle in a plastic bag before packing it.