Monday, December 31, 2012


Hey popsters <3

It's new years eve, which means 3 things: 1) It's time to look back at the year 2) It's my birthday in a week! 3) Let's own the world tonight!!!

Sooooo.. This year has absolutely been the best year of my life, and it's all thank to you guys!!! 

We've been working full time with this band for almost three years, but this last has really been the year that has made all the difference! Finally someone else (major record companies and agencies that is) started believing in us too, and YOU made that happen!! You've showed up at gigs, traveled long distances and waited for hours in the cold for us. I can't tell you how much it means to us<3

The best part of this all is that it's just getting started! We haven't even released anything yet!!! You have no idea how much I wait for the release of our first single (in February) and the album (hopefully in May). For the first time ever something is done the way it's supposed to be done. Big production in Sweden, big music video filmed in America… More on that later ;) 

And there are a lot of things coming, not just the single and the album! We'll tell you more later, but I can reveal so much that we have one special winter fan-day planned already! All of you and us and a lot of snow, it's gonna be fun fun fun! And you don't have to wait too long! Stay tuned on facebook!

In a couple of hours I'm having the craziest New Year's Party at my penthouse, and we're really gonna own the world tonight!! As that song won't be on our upcoming album I suggest you listen to it now, before it's gone forever!

Wish you all could be here! 

Speaking of that, you should come to our gig at Vuotalo 25.1! That's probably the last  time ever you're gonna hear some of our older songs, so you'd better come!!

Those who have been on our gigs know that we always have time for you after the gig, we take pictures, give autographs and hugs and stuff. We won't stop doing that, you fans mean the world to us and we wanna show that to you. Now's a good time to come to our gig, because now we have more time for you than when there are thousands of people in the line;)

A couple of days ago we got a really moving video from some of you guys. My heart melted completely... <3 thanks girls <3 We promise to make our album the best debut album ever, for all of you. Thanks for the support<3

2013 will be the year of Satin Circus. We have a couple of new years resolutions in the band, have you made any?

Now let's party!!!!!!!  Have a great new year, WE promise to make it one of the best in your life ;)

Much love to you all!

-Axel <3

On Christmas eve I decided to go snowboarding in the powder snow! It was nice!

Our Christmas tree!
My birthday present to Krippe!
For Xmas i got some candy... haha

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!!!

Merry Christmas!!! (c:>*

Such a peaceful feeling! Christmas holidays are finally a reality for Satin Circus, as we set off to stay with our near and dear ones for a while (Axel, Olli and Krippe are of course "near and dear" too, but this time I mean my family :D)! But! What calms me most is that our Swedish producer Peter Månsson has started working on our debut album in his studio in Stockholm!!

If, and when, everything goes according to plan our first single of the new album will be released somewhere around february 2013! How soon isn't that!! And yet how I long for february to come already!!! Kind of like a second Christmas…..

B.t.w. I "pimped" my shoes for the holidays already a few weeks ago! :D It's amazing what kind of magic new laces can do to a pair of poor old shoes!!!

I love doing handicrafts for Christmas, wrapping christmas presents and decorating them. As I find it sometimes very hard to buy good gifts for people I spend some time making the package look perfect...:
Tried some gothic script technique on some of them ^^

tiiny tiiiny Christmas presents ^^

I did an interview for a local, newspaper, called "MaTaPuPu" this month. It was kinda fun to answer questions alone this time. It ended up being a very thorough and personal article!   (c:>*  But it's still more fun to do them all together! (:

Click the image and zoom! Maybe you'll be able to read it :D

Already on our Kirjasto 10 gig 8.12.2012 our fans had made a huge effort, giving us a load of charming presents!! Thank you all!! And Hennas and Sannas outrageously gorgeous gingerbread house, with it's light effects and all is definitely worth a BIG special mention!!! 
All of this thoughtfulness makes me SO happy, and SO proud! 

So, please have a wonderful Christmas Eve! Share the love, and eat well!


Monday, December 17, 2012


Hi Popsters!

It's been an amazing week once again!

@Rahina w/ Tomas

On Thursday we had the Rähinä Records & Rähinä Live Christmas party, which was a lot of fun! We met a lot of new people, like the YleX crew and Elastinen, the hilarious party host. I guess the lesson was that if you want to have a great party you should party with rappers :D 

On Saturday we had a great gig in Caribia, Turku with Robin. Before I even start to talk about the gig itself I should mention the hilarious ride to the venue. We shared a bus with Robin's crew, including Jimi Constantine who shared some pretty amazing stories he had experienced during his years of touring around Finland! He's such a nice guy :)

Soundchecking. I'm finally at the front row!
And the gig… It was AMAZING!! This was the first time that we were able to set the drums right in front of the audience. We've had this stage plan for a while now, but due to practical reasons we've always had to put the drums to the back of the stage (and if you've ever been performing on a stage, you know that when you're at the back you're not really able to see the audience because of the stage lights that are blinding your eyes). So there I was drumming two meters away from the front row and I saw the whole audience: all 1700 people! It was so great to get this kind of interaction with the crowd that I've never had before, and to get to party with them throughout the whole show! And what a show it was!! I think it was one of the best ones we've ever had!! Thanks Turku! :)

It was also so nice to see so many fans coming to see us after the show. You have no idea how much you guys mean to us!! <3 After a show we always hope that the audience would have had even half the fun we've had on stage, and it's SO heartwarming when people come up to us to tell us that they had the best time too! You Popsters keep us going! <3
© Paula Essiina Pekkinen <3

© Carolina Viljanen <3

After the show we spent the night at the Caribia Hotel. The hotel itself was nice, but the best part was the spa/waterpark! :) We had some really intense races in the water slides and a snowball fight at the outdoor pool. I guess the waterpark lifeguards are happy if they don't see us for a while :D 

Having fun at the hotel lounge
Today we had a meeting at The Fried Music studios with Patric Sarin and the executives from Sony Music. The deals have been signed, and now we're finally starting to record our debut album with the Swedish top producer Peter Månsson and Patric Sarin. We heard some talks about this being the most expensive debut album ever made by a Finnish label, so you can just imagine how good the album is going to sound! We've been waiting three years for this moment and it feels so amazing to finally be here. Thank you so much for supporting every step of the way <3 You made this possible! <3

Christmas is almost here! Have a nice holiday <3 We had an amazing year together! Next year we'll rock the world, together! :)

- Social Joe <3

I've been trying to not to eat candy but the
backstage catering is not making it easy :D

Monday, December 10, 2012

Chestnuts roasting in the Library

Hi there Popsters!

What a week! Feels good to actually do something instead of barricading ourselves in the studio writing songs. The past months have been a bit rough and sometimes we even feel our well of creativity is running out. But I guess that's how life is; ups and downs. The only thing inevitable is change. This past week was extremely important for us! Mainly because of one thing. You. 

You have no idea how happy you make us.
You have no idea how much you inspire us.
You have no idea how thankful we are.
We had no idea how much you care.

sweat tears of love

On saturday we had an unplugged gig in Kirjasto 10. It was incredible to see so many of you there. You made the concert so special. The atmosphere was lovely and the fact that we could play for you close enough to hear you sing along made us all fuzzy inside :) We're truly amazed over how much you help us to develop as a band. We always thought we are doing this all by ourselves, but boy were we wrong. You guys fuel us and you make us do our best.

Special thanks to all of the lovely presents and for singing Happy Birthday to me ;___; It was insane! :) Presents are always fun <3 but even more important is you showing up! Even if you have to wake up early in the morning and jump on a 4 hour train ride. That's just super cool.

another opportunity to dress up <3

On wednesday we were guests at #Bloggpriset2012 in Korjaamo. Basically like the Oscars, for blogs, in Finland. But it was super fun. We were asked to present the award for this year's most inspiring blog. They only required a one minute long speech... The day of the gala crept closer and we were confused until we finally
came up with the obvious! Let's make a song out of it. It was super silly but the crowd went wild. Overall it was a great event!

Yesterday we were in Jyväskylä playing at the Aito Joulukonsertti with Robin. It was super fun! In the beginning it felt a bit weird playing the real set after playing mostly acoustically. But we caught up fast! There's both pros and cons in small gigs vs big gigs. But we love 'em both! <3 We got to meet more fans afterwards which was great! You guys are the best!

winter wonderland

feels good to be on the road

Posting some winter pictures for our international readers! Snow is cool.

paul was scared sh*tless before the gig, I tried my best to cheer him up!
After the gig we enjoyed a deserved rest in the new Solo by Sokos Hotel Paviljonki. The design was exquisite. We sat in the sauna for hours and afterwards I watched a movie with Ryan Gosling (♥) when the others had a go at Jyväskylä's nightlife.

We just reached 1.6k fans today! It's super cool to see that people actually like us. We put so much effort in everything we do so it's great to see that it really pays off! Just remember that it's you that give us the opportunity to do this all! Thank you! and welcome to the club if you're reading our blog for the first time! great to have you on board! This blog updates every monday and since last week we also started a video blog that likewise, comes out once a week. We have a twitter account @satincircus and an instagram account @satincircus follow us! And our biggest announcements are made on our facebook page so be sure to like us there! Oh, and we also have a website

Thank you so much for this week. It's been special for us, because of you! This saturday 15.12 we're playing in Turku, Caribia with Robin. Hope to see as many of you there. We're super excited! Have a good week take care and be safe!  

Stay Classy dear Popsters <3
- the kripp ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪ 

See you next week!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sony christmas party & stuff :)

Hey everybody! 

This week's been pretty different. We've been writing so much new songs that we started to feel a bit stuck, so we decided to do something else for a week!

We've been practicing, planning future releases, and discussing web-pages, promo-shoots and music videos with our record company Sony Music at their office. We're releasing a completely new visual look at the end of the week so be prepared! Finally you're gonna see the pictures from our promo shoot in October! Our Facebook-page, this blog and our www-page will all be updated! 

On Tuesday we were at Sony's Christmas party, and that was epic. In the past few years I've been at a lot of Christmas parties, but this was something completely different……. Imagine all artists, songwriters, producers, managers, photographers, stylists, radio-journalists and record-company people at the same party… It was wild, I tell ya!

Suit up!

As Olli mentioned in an earlier post, we all bought jackets in different colors, and we really got some attention at the party! We chatted with a lot of music business people and now I think the business is prepared for our first single release, that hopefully is gonna be in February. It's gonna explode! This kind of music has never been made in Finland before and just wait till you hear it… It's gonna sound like ten times better than anything we've relased so far!!

Paul doing some magic tricks!

The best thing at the party was the possibility to finally chill out and have a couple of sodas with some great people. Finally we got to know the the people that are gonna be working with us for the next year more closely than ever. Our number one crew member is our A&R Olli, who is our link to the record company. He's the one taking care of us, giving us advice, and telling us when the songs are or are not good enough for the competition on the European market. Our gig booker Mika from Rähinä is also a great guy, and I played a lot of table football with him at the party. (you know the game Joey and Chandler play all the time in Friends;)) But somehow our team always lost!! Mika believed in us before anyone else did, and many of you lovely fans first heard us at the gig in Peacock, which Mika booked for us before anyone even knew what Satin Circus was :)

On wednesday we played an unplugged gig. Nothing beats playing live!! Someone came and asked if we're all from Kallion lukio cause we had such a great stage presence :D well, thanks, I guess! But we're not from there :D

We're playing this year's last unplugged gig at Kirjasto 10 on Saturday at 2 PM! You should all be there, we have a couple of new songs and also a Christmas-cover! And we're also playing one of our old songs, one that we haven't played in nearly a year! Come and find out which it is ;) And the gig is FREEE!!!

And on Sunday we're gonna be playing in Jyväskylä! We'll play a full set before Robin and we've heard that already a thousand tickets have been sold. So get yours fast before they run out! The gig starts at 14:00 so be on time :))

See you on our gigs dear Popsters! <3


ps. I just received some new toy synths all the way from America!!