Monday, December 31, 2012


Hey popsters <3

It's new years eve, which means 3 things: 1) It's time to look back at the year 2) It's my birthday in a week! 3) Let's own the world tonight!!!

Sooooo.. This year has absolutely been the best year of my life, and it's all thank to you guys!!! 

We've been working full time with this band for almost three years, but this last has really been the year that has made all the difference! Finally someone else (major record companies and agencies that is) started believing in us too, and YOU made that happen!! You've showed up at gigs, traveled long distances and waited for hours in the cold for us. I can't tell you how much it means to us<3

The best part of this all is that it's just getting started! We haven't even released anything yet!!! You have no idea how much I wait for the release of our first single (in February) and the album (hopefully in May). For the first time ever something is done the way it's supposed to be done. Big production in Sweden, big music video filmed in America… More on that later ;) 

And there are a lot of things coming, not just the single and the album! We'll tell you more later, but I can reveal so much that we have one special winter fan-day planned already! All of you and us and a lot of snow, it's gonna be fun fun fun! And you don't have to wait too long! Stay tuned on facebook!

In a couple of hours I'm having the craziest New Year's Party at my penthouse, and we're really gonna own the world tonight!! As that song won't be on our upcoming album I suggest you listen to it now, before it's gone forever!

Wish you all could be here! 

Speaking of that, you should come to our gig at Vuotalo 25.1! That's probably the last  time ever you're gonna hear some of our older songs, so you'd better come!!

Those who have been on our gigs know that we always have time for you after the gig, we take pictures, give autographs and hugs and stuff. We won't stop doing that, you fans mean the world to us and we wanna show that to you. Now's a good time to come to our gig, because now we have more time for you than when there are thousands of people in the line;)

A couple of days ago we got a really moving video from some of you guys. My heart melted completely... <3 thanks girls <3 We promise to make our album the best debut album ever, for all of you. Thanks for the support<3

2013 will be the year of Satin Circus. We have a couple of new years resolutions in the band, have you made any?

Now let's party!!!!!!!  Have a great new year, WE promise to make it one of the best in your life ;)

Much love to you all!

-Axel <3

On Christmas eve I decided to go snowboarding in the powder snow! It was nice!

Our Christmas tree!
My birthday present to Krippe!
For Xmas i got some candy... haha