Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy hearts, broken phones

Hi Popsters,

It's me again! [applause and cheering] So what's going on with Satin Circus?

The last week we spent writing new songs and editing the up-coming music video for Peach Party. We're working with a production company called Clutch Productions, and they are so great! We got the video ready today, and it's looking amazing! We can't wait to get it out for you guys to see :) 

We're also in the studio recording new songs as I write this. We're working with the same people at Neomusic as we were when we recorded the EP you've had some teasers from already. Now when we're already tuned to the same frequency, working with these guys is such a pleasure, and the results are just mind blowing! Wait until you hear… ;D

Next week we're going to throw an unplugged gig at a frozen yogurt place called Yobot in Töölö. We already had one over there a couple months ago as some of you might remember. We had such a great time back then that we decided to have a rerun. The date will be Wednesday the 8th of August, but we'll give you a heads up as it's getting closer. So if you'd like to chill out with us, have some great frozen yogurt and listen to Satin Circus songs, you know where to come! See you there! :)

- Social Joe <3

P.s. Sorry for the lack of photos in this blog entry, but I broke my iPhone a week ago :'( so I haven't been able to take any photos this past week :/ But here's an alternative promo pic by Karri Harju you haven't seen :)

P.s.s. What rhymes with "never ever"? 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Video shoots and festivals

Hiya Popsters!

Whoa, it's been such a wonderful week. We've been super busy, just like we're supposed to be :) Firstly I want to congratulate you all, our fans. We're over 800 strong now! That's like super cool! It means so much to us to see that people actually like what we do. Exactly what happened in the Osla Live festival! We got a comment from a woman in the audience that went pretty much like this.

"Excellent performance yesterday in Porvoo! Did you notice how people started to flow towards the stage? :) You even melted the die-hard rock'n'rollers hearts! Keep up the sunny work!"

Super sweet! It made me very happy. The whole festival was a blast! With headliners as Europe, Apocalyptica & Kaija Koo the audience might not have been our main focus group, but who cares? They enjoyed it just the same! Dancing, singing along and having a good time. Here's a picture of Jack Sparrow playing the cello!

Axel and I after the gig. The sun was shining when we played, it started pouring down just as we stopped <3 

The festival was on Saturday. But already on Friday we we're rocking out. It was the first day of shooting our Peach Party music video! I can't tell you guys too much but boy did we have fun. I might let the pictures speak for themselves! :)


 Filming on the beach!
Sadly I forgot to take a photo with the crowd. But I just want to thank everyone that made it there! Without you the Peach Party at the beach would've been super lame. And I must say, you're the best party crowd I've ever seen at a music video! :)

Obviously fruits play a big role! :)

Can you name all the fruits?

(lol of course you can. what is this? kindergarten? :D)

This was filmed on Sunday. Sadly I was (and still am) very sick so I couldn't attend. I don't even know w-w-what's going on :)

A fruit riddle "I’m a sweet, juicy red fruit who wears my seeds on the outside. I grow in summertime patches and taste great in everything from shakes to shortcake. Who am I?"

This sounds like all fun and games, which it is. But someone has to pay the price
of living the dream. Right now it's me :/ I'm very sick (and I like to dramatize things) Took a blood test today, let's hope the doctors bring forth good news. Don't know how the others would manage without me. Nah, I kid about death. Let's just hope I get fit & fine as soon as possible!

Let's see what this week brings us! We have a gig at a huge scout meeting and some more songwriting sessions. High hopes for everything. I'll end this with a Buzz Lightyear quote "To infinity... and beyond"

 Until next week, stay classy dear Popsters!
- krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪


Monday, July 16, 2012


Hey popsters<3! After one week off we're back in business again! Last week was our second and last free week of this summer, or it was supposed to be free, until we got invited to play a couple of unplugged songs at a TV-show called Arvostele mun illallinen! It's the second week in a row we're doing something on TV, but I guess it's good to get used to it.. :D We had a lot of fun and everybody, from the guests in the program to the camera guys and girls, seemed to be enjoying themselves and our music :)

The rest of the week was free, and I spent it on a boat in the Finnish archipelago. As you might have noticed, I tend to write these texts from all over the world, but there's no place like the sea of the hundreds of islands on the west coast of this country. Beaches in the Caribbean are of course also ok, but they're just not the same.. Having spent the ten first summers of my life on a boat might also have something to do with this. There's nothing like falling asleep in the front cabin to the steady sound of a boat engine <3

People in the archipelago are all unbelievably kind and helpful in every single way, and I think anyone who has prejudices against Finnish people should visit some of the lovely islands in the west and see it for themselves. After all, we don't have to be sad, we don't have to dress in black and we don't have to play and listen to depressing music. We all can be happy, colorful and listen to Satin Circus 24/7 <3

After one week of visiting dozens of pure summer paradises it's time to get back to the music, and this week is gonna be one of the busiest in a long time. We're shooting a music video on Friday, warming up for Europe (!!!!) and Apocalyptica at Osla Live on Saturday and filming the rest of the video on Sunday. Before that we have to practice more than ever, organize everything for the video, record new songs and do a lot of other secret stuff ;)

Feels great to be back!!

- Axl <3

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hi All!

I'm staying at my family's summer place while writing this, and I realize what an extraordinary privilege I am enjoying. Yes, my personal life is lovely; adorable. <3, And my professional life is a full fuelled star shuttle ready for takeoff, preferably fuelled with some ecologically sustainable energy form! But frankly the greatest of privileges is in the writing of this blog! (right now)

I’d like to give you a sincere picture of our daily doings and happy happenings. Normally our days are densely packed with dire labour, and I really mean it when I say that this could and should  be a true quote: “They are the most hard-working group in the industry”. But I have to inform you: this week I’m spending with my dearest treasure, in a lovely lakeside environment, joined by dozen of my amiable old friends in the weekend.

Last week was all busy, starting with a gig on Monday. Tuesday we had band practice and two meetings. One meeting was with the film makers Artur and Emil Sallinen from Clutch Productions with whom we planned an upcoming music video. The other meeting was, and is über secret… XD After the hard work Axel took us on a thrilling ride in the Helsinki archipelago. We stopped for pizza on a small island where I frightened my taste buds by picking one with goat cheese, fresh arugula, sweet basil and STRAWBERRY! The risk was worth it I tell you =) !!

I’m had some problems supplying this blog with pictures, as my phone (and all the rest of my valuables too x’/  ) got stolen on Cyprus. Now Cyprus asks for a bailout from the EU to back up it's banking sector. That lucky Cypriot who took my MacBook has already got his share of the common European welfare.
In this desperate moment of picturelessnes I have refered to Olli and Facebook for help =)

But life goes on, although unmistakably a bit slower, on a packard bell minilaptop borrowed from my mum. <3

(just got the post up 3min before Tuesday)


//Paul <3

Monday, July 2, 2012


Wow! It's only Tuesday, yet it has been a crazy week for us! First let me apologize about the fact that I'm a day late with this blog entry, but yesterday was so hectic that I simply didn't have time. So what happened?

As many of you might know we had a gig with the Finnish teen sensation Robin yesterday at the Peacock-theater at Linnanmäki (Amusement park in Helsinki). It was a sold-out show, which meant that a thousand people were cheering at the top of their lungs. We also did an episode for a Finnish TV program called "Summeri", like I said it was a busy day! :)

The day started when we first arrived at the Peacock-Theater in the morning, and I have to say it was so nice to open the door to this big room and see that everything from the instruments to the lighting were all set up for us. And there was this huge led-screen behind the stage blinking "Satin Circus" in all the different colors and animations. Since everything was set up and the catering looked so tempting, we decided to start the day with a nice breakfast on the sunny rocks of Linnanmäki.

As we were halfway through our soundcheck the camera crew from YLE rushed in. We were supposed to do an interview for a youth TV-show called "Summeri", but since they were a bit early, they decided to film the rest of our soundcheck too. Usually we take the soundcheck a bit easier but since there was a camera crew filming us for the TV, we put on the full show. It must have been the most intense soundcheck those sound engineers have ever seen! :D

So after the check we headed to the amusement park to do the interview. Now, could you imagine a more perfect place for Satin Circus to do an interview than an amusement park? Me neither. So for a few hours we went around Linnanmäki doing the interview, went to the roller coasters and merry-go-rounds, played the amusement park games and had such a fun and relaxed time despite the fact that we were filmed for the whole time.

And the gig itself! It was amazing! 1000 people going crazy in this packed room, the light show and the led-screen! One of the best gigs so far :)

After the gig we spent some time with Robin and his crew. He's such a nice guy and we had some great fun with him. We also went out to see our fans, to write autographs and so on. It was so nice to once again see so many people who were so thrilled about us and our music. Thank you so much to all our fans (Popsters)!!! You guys keep us going! <3

                                                                              Meeting some fans after the gig

This morning we had a couple of meetings already, and there are some big things ahead! But that's another story… ;D

Enjoy the summer!
- Social Joe <3