Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy hearts, broken phones

Hi Popsters,

It's me again! [applause and cheering] So what's going on with Satin Circus?

The last week we spent writing new songs and editing the up-coming music video for Peach Party. We're working with a production company called Clutch Productions, and they are so great! We got the video ready today, and it's looking amazing! We can't wait to get it out for you guys to see :) 

We're also in the studio recording new songs as I write this. We're working with the same people at Neomusic as we were when we recorded the EP you've had some teasers from already. Now when we're already tuned to the same frequency, working with these guys is such a pleasure, and the results are just mind blowing! Wait until you hear… ;D

Next week we're going to throw an unplugged gig at a frozen yogurt place called Yobot in Töölö. We already had one over there a couple months ago as some of you might remember. We had such a great time back then that we decided to have a rerun. The date will be Wednesday the 8th of August, but we'll give you a heads up as it's getting closer. So if you'd like to chill out with us, have some great frozen yogurt and listen to Satin Circus songs, you know where to come! See you there! :)

- Social Joe <3

P.s. Sorry for the lack of photos in this blog entry, but I broke my iPhone a week ago :'( so I haven't been able to take any photos this past week :/ But here's an alternative promo pic by Karri Harju you haven't seen :)

P.s.s. What rhymes with "never ever"? 

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