Monday, March 26, 2012

Birth of the Cool

It's my birthday! Yeah! I got a pink ice-cream machine today, awesome (only found pics. of a blue one)
=) But where's my presents from the guys? No cake?! Sucks to be a boy-band. No signs of care here.....

[UPDATE]: Here's proof for Axel that my epic S5510 Samsung phone has a camera! And actually a 3,2 MP one!! Proof that the time of the clampshell-phones is not over yet... Proof that Apple will fall... Proof that.... x-/ ....Proof that I don't have enough money for a smartphone. (Yet) ...So you just sip that smoothie till then! XD

Its been a really really messed up week, 7 days of practice and work, fighting the flue and such. But out of the dust, Satin Circus rises, with new fresh live arrangements to tackle this weeks gig like a bull on froot loops...with tight, colored jeans of course.

As you've been thoroughly informed of, there has been a lot of time spent in the studio lately. Krippe is actually there a.t.m. singing lead vocals for our new song "Peach Party". We love the song, and its a true product of our love for pop-music. There is not a single bar or phrase that we haven't worked out together all four of us. The keyboard verse theme was originally a bass-doodle I had come up with, and on that we started adding up ingredients. The lyrics were worked out together on different occasions, and the chorus took its time 'till it came out right, but now it's ready. It represents the progress we've made so far together as a band and as songwriters. Our true strength lies in working as a group, sharing brains. All in all I think it is the most genuine Satin Circus song so far, in many aspects. It's crystallized positive energy!
We play it live for the first time in Porvoo this Wednesday, so if you want to be a pioneer("PoPsTeR"*) then you know what to do! =) @ 21:00
Don't miss the Café Mascot gig either!!!

* Peach Party True Respecters

Right. See you soon =P

//Paul <3

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Studio Diaries: Part 3

Hey everybody! It's been a really busy week! We've been recording all kinds of stuff: guitars, synths, backing vocals.. Today we were at Neomusic for 8 hours recording synths for Own the World Tonight. It's a really hard song, but I promise you the version that will be realeased in May is gonna blow you mind.......... total epicness.......

We tried a synth recording technique that the great producer Dr. Luke used on Tik Tok and California Gurls, and you'll hear how punchy my Juno 106 sounds!! It's been so great working with Janne and Joonas, every minute in the studio I learn more than I've learned in school during the last 2 years...

We've also been practising every single day to guarantee you a spectacular gig in Mascot on the 4th of April!! The new arrangments are..... well, you should be there! And the new songs... you'll see....

WOW!!!! HERE'S SOMETHING AMAZING!! I just got an invite to watch a youtube-video, and guess what! It's an acoustic cover of our song Party on Facebook!!!!!!! Sometimes when we're working all day and all night we forget that some people besides ourselves actually listen to our songs and like them.. I can't tell you how happy this video made me... and I think I can speak for Krippe, Olli and Paul too!

Thanx Selma!!!! <3

                                              Joonas & Krippe
                                             I think he has an idea :D
                                             Janne's Moog is better than mine :(
                                            Recording vocals!
                                            @ Neomusic
                                    band practice.... it really is a party on facebook ;)

                                          My first synth love, the amazing Juno 106 <3

We'll keep you posted about everything! Stay tuned!!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Studio Diaries: Part 2

Studio Diaries: Part 2

YEAHHH! Drums, bass and grand piano recorded!! Our 2 days at the Helsinki Music Center Studios went better than we ever could have expected! 4 songs are on their way to perfection! There's still a lot to do (synths, vocals, more guitars...) but we're really happy that this part is done! And I thought I was gonna watch the others play and take some photos and hang on facebook but NO WAY, I actually played some real grand piano to some of our songs! COOOOL!!

Tomorrow I'm taking my vintage (1984) Juno-106 synth and we're gonna record some cutting-edge synth sounds to the songs with mr. Joonas! More on that later. Have a great Sunday night and Monday morning!



                                                           playin' some piano

                                                THE bass
                                                  recording some piano!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Studio Diaries: Part 1

The studio diaries

Part one: Saturday

Welcome to the first part of the Satin Circus Studio Diaries! I know you're all tired of hearing about zombies, clothes and snowy cars…. NOW'S THE TIME FOR THE REAL STUFF!!! Starting today, this blog will be updated more often, at least for the following weeks. We'll keep you posted about the different stages in recording our EP, and we'll include lots of videos and photos!

The thing about this EP is that it's the real stuff. No more demos. When these songs come out, we will be ready to conquer the world! Or Own the world.. 

Our producers J&J started working on these songs a about a month ago, and now it's time to record drums, bass and guitar at the Helsinki Music House. Tomorrow we'll continue with more drums, bass, guitar, and also grand piano and saxophone! I have to practice :D

We started at 8.30 today by building our setup in the studio here. First was Peach Party, a brand new song, and one of our favorites! It's very summery and has a great twist in the C-part.. You'll see… It's gonna be great! 

Next was Own the World Tonight! Imagine Satin Circus with a bit of David Guetta's Titanium…

We recorded some big choirs in the big room, it was kinda cool :D
It's sometimes funny to see how these songs evolve, here's one true story:

In the summer me and Olli were at Krippe's house writing songs (when Krippe was in Indonesia :D) We started writing around a saxophone melody and then came up with the chorus. For the other half of the chorus iI just sang something that came into my mind and Olli was like: hey, what's that, let's use it! And that melody was exactly what we're singing here! It feels amazing to finally hear it as it should be. Okay, as it really should be is a stadium of fifty thousand people singing along. But that time will come!

More tomorrow night!


                                                             Paul just heard he can't play slap bass :(

                                                                     The most important thing!!

                                                                  Drum 'n Bass

                                                             Nice speakers...

                                                            the producers!

Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Hi Popsters <3

It's that time of the year when you're looking into your wardrobe and see nothing in there you want to wear (well, at least I feel it in a bit greater way than usually). And that means only one thing: it's time to do some spring shopping!! :) 
So I leave home and walk by some clothing stores, and what do I see? I stand by these windows and it's pure heaven: all the bright colors of the rainbow on the fabulous summerish pieces of clothing! Oh yeah, this is what I need!! I step inside and I'm confronted by this huge wave of colors coming at me :)

But of course this is the front of the store, and that part of the shop is always for the girls/women's department. So I need to walk all the way to the back to find the mens clothing. And there waits the surprise…. Black, gray, dark blue and (if the head of the store had been brave enough) brown. 
I mean what is wrong with you Finnish men?! Are we trying to do some camouflage trick and blend into the background? 
(I have to confess that I first accidentally typed "camelflush", which sounds like something I don't want to know any more about ;P)

Well I want to stand out, so something had to be done! (I guess all the girls here know the feeling when you've found the perfect outfit and you can almost feel how people are looking at you as you walk down the street). Unlike Krippe I can't buy clothes from the women's department (Not that I don't want to, but they just don't fit) so there was only one way to go: I had to make them myself! 
Finally I managed to find some skintight white jeans and textile colors. I tried it out and now I have a pair of spectacular bright yellow jeans! It's working so great that I'm going to do this in every imaginable color. I'll have the coolest collection of jeans in the whole Finland! :D  

As some of you might already know, we're taking part in a competition called Osajnat by Radio X3M (if you haven't voted us yet, you can do it HERE. Just get YLE PASSI if don't have one yet and give your vote to our songs). We already got picked up for the semifinals and we're going to play in Porvoo on March 28th. From there we can get to the final which is going to be held in Helsinki later this spring. The winner of the competition will be playing at various festival throughout Finland in this summer, so we're quite excited about this! :)

Over the past few weeks we've had a lots of fun in the studio recording our songs, but that's another story that Axel will cover next week ;)

Kisses and s**t,
Social Joe <3

Monday, March 5, 2012

Apocalypse, Big Ben & Crowds


I sincerely apologize for my blog post being a bit late. I truly live up to my reputation of having a hard time managing my time. But hey,  at least you know the bios are accurate. So as already mentioned we got our own homepage up and running at I am totally in love with the layout and everything. The coolest thing is my new e-mail address: Grand!

I've been so busy the past weeks. Touring with Robin has been rough but so much fun! Last Saturday we had this gig in Alahärmä. In an AMUSEMENT PARK! That shit was unreal. We had been driving the whole day surrounded by rural wilderness. Then suddenly we arrive at this wonderland only to notice most parts of it was covered in snow. It felt so surreal. Like a zombie apocalypse had taken place and we had escaped to this abandoned arctic playground looking for shelter. As we carefully walked around scouting for assets it felt like the structures we're observing us. The Ferris Wheel our guardian and the Rollercoaster our warrior. We saw no one and no one saw us, or so we thought! Over three thousand people came! The indoor hall was one hectare(!) big and contained a go-cart track with a suspension bridge and a miniature Big Ben. It was fun to play in the middle of the day. You could see all the faces and the smoke looked cool in the sun. Yesterday we had Robin's album release gig in Circus. I'll let the video and pictures speak for themselves! May I just say that I had loads of fun!

My guitar solo can be heard in the end!

I took this picture while roading (Yes, can you believe it? I still have to carry my own stuff...) I even stroke a few poses for them when they insisted on taking photos.

Anyhow, I'm exhausted and ready for bed! I just came home from seeing The Artist. My god it was good. I truly recommend it!

That was it dear popsters! Stay Classy!
See you next week -krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪

(and sorry about zombie story.. Brutally cut off just when it was getting interesting! I promise I'll finish it someday. That's what you get for writing in the middle of the night :D)