Monday, January 28, 2013

Gig, Twitcam, Studio!

Hey Popsters!

Thanks for Friday's gig!! We had a great time, and it seemed like you enjoyed it too! The acoustic part in the middle was something we tried for the first time, and everyone seemed to think it worked great! There's something so real about an unpliugged performance, no microphones, no amplifiers, just us and our voices and our instruments. It was great to have one last gig before focusing all our time on recording our album. We have no new gigs booked, but we'll let you know when we have something! It's a bit sad that we're probably never gonna play See You in June, Party on Facebook or Beautiful Day again, but it's still nice to move on, knowing we've got something SO much better on the way!!!

At Vuotalo. Photo by Pauliina Vuorinen

A couple of weeks ago someone suggested that we should have a twitcam. We thought it was a great idea and gave it a shot on Thursday. I was afraid that no one was gonna show up and that we'd have to think about stuff to talk about, but we were completely overwhelmed by all the tweets we got :D we couldn't answer all the questions but ask again next time! And next time it's gonna be Twitcam: Miami! ;) We'd better practice corny one liners while putting our sunglasses on. (If u know what I mean. 10 points if you do!)

We're living interesting times right now. We're working harder than ever, and soon you'll get too see the first results.. I really can't wait. We've been waiting for three years. Every week feels like an eternity…The single is almost ready in the studio.. We're still gonna record some saxophone but then we're good to go! And we've started recording the instruments for some other songs too!

Me and Paul did a couple of interviews on Radio Vega and Radio X3M while Krippe was singing in the studio!

Today we had a meeting at Sony with the director of the upcoming music video, and we discussed some new cool things that we're gonna do in Miami and around!! I'd love to tell you more but you'll have to wait;)

But while you're waiting, check out the TV-Show Galaxi on Wednesday, 16:30 at YLE 2! We're guests there!!

See ya!<3


At Sony Music Headquarters
@Fried Music
At Radio X3M!
Recording vocals!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013


!! WE ARE GOING TO MIAMI BABY!!!! IT'S Gonna be TOTALLY STUPEFYINGLY SPLENDIFEROUSLY GRREAT!!!! Oh, and we're shooting our music video there too b.t.w! =D Man, I still can't quite believe it myself!!! 


*puts himself together*
Hi popsters!

At the moment Krippe is doing lead vocals for our single #1. While he's singing his ass of in the studio this evening, I'm in a music school teaching youngsters how to rock (bass lessons and band lessons)!! I'm just a substitute teacher, and it's not always easy to jump straight into teaching someone else's pupils. But these guys are the best! =D I started teaching Peach Party to one of the boys! (I meant to take photos, but I forgot :'[ )

The 24th of january at 19 sharp, something verrry special is gonna happen, as I said in yesterdays vBlog, We're doing our first Tweetcam for you! One day before our epic concert in Vuotalo, you can tweet us your questions and greetings, and get all the inside information you want about our gig, our lives and our upcoming album. I have no idea of how a Tweetcam works... it's gonna be dope!!

Now don't be scared! It's just my new collar... 
(found some screws attached to a plastic thing)


Still wanna thank all you lovely fans for your x-mas presents and other fanmail! You're beautiful!! And I'm actually eating the Tutti Frutti candy I got from Tiisku and Helkku right now. There soooo good, especially the sour ones!

So proud of my artwork---->

Remember to brush your teeth after eating candy... 
See you on friday 25th @ Vuotalo


Monday, January 14, 2013

Fan Mail

Hi Popsters!

Last Friday we had a meeting at Sony Music and I was so delighted to see a big pile of letters, packages and christmas presents you guys had sent us. We spent that afternoon reading all the letters together, and there was a lot of smiling going on in our little reheasal room :D Thank you so much for all the support you are giving us! We try so hard to do the best we can, and it means the world to us to see people responding :) We try to come up with some extra fun to you guys who sent the letters and packages! :)

And if you would like to send us something, but don't know where to send it, the address is:

Sony Music Entertainment Finland
Tallberginkatu 2 A, 5.krs
00180 Helsinki


for e-mail :)

The production of our first single has taken some huge leaps, and we're hoping to start recording vocals this week. We're so excited about all this, and I can promise that it's going to sound so good! Once this thing comes out you'll be the "cool kids" who knew it before it was cool… though it's pretty damn cool already!! :D

We're also writing a script for the music video that will be announced at the same time with the single. We have picked a very exotic place for the shoot, and I think it's pretty safe to say that it will be the best trip of our lives. And the video itself will be something that Finland has never seen before!

Don't forget to get your ticket to our next gig in Vuotalo, Helsinki the 25th of January (you can get it HERE)! That show will be different from all the other shows we've had so far, so be there! :)

- Social Joe <3

It's cold outside. Don't forget to wrap up warm! :)

Ps. We got memberships to one fitness club a couple weeks ago, and we've been going there five times a week for the last two weeks. Today we went to BodyPump, and I can hardly lift my hands right now… :D

Pps. Here's last weeks vBlog!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Axel's Anniversaire

Another week has passed by. I've noticed things happen super fast nowadays. Like, the days just run by like water flows down a brook. But while everything goes super fast, time still stays quite ... still. It's quite paradoxical! What if Pinocchio would say "My nose will now grow"? Not paradoxical in that sense. Neither in the sense of that the alarm clock goes off when it actually goes on. But in the fact that it was only like five months since we released our Peach Party music video. Which feels like such a short time! Time flows on super fast, but still it's slow enough to look back on our demo release and we can laugh at how long ago it was. I don't know if this made any sense... maybe it doesn't have to n_n

It's Axel's birthday today! Our little boy is growing up so fast. He got me a toaster. That was super kind of him. In return I sang happy birthday to him in the bus. You should have seen his face! :) blushing as he awkwardly looked around at our fellow passengers with an innocent look on his face trying to apologize for my sake. Priceless! Here's some random Twitter birthday wishes! Remember to follow us @satincircus n_n

We've been working on more songs in our studio getting ready for our album recording. We'll probably start working on vocals next week already! So it's actually starting now. For real! We are so excited about everything! We'd like to tell you about all ours songs and plans and everything but then it would be no surprise for you :) So just hang in there, I promise you won't be dissapointed!

a hit has just been born ★_
And as I (clumsily) said  in the video blog we're gonna have a twitcam session for you! We'll let you know about it later. But stay tuned, we might strike at any time and you don't want to miss it ;)

 Hope you have a great first week of school! Stay strong! If you're having a hard time you can always listen to Peach Party. It should get you in a better mood n_n! Unless you've already abused the replay button! :) Then you can tweet us! (And we'll probably tell you to go listen to Peach Party! :) All jokes aside, we're here for you!

Take care and stay classy dear popsters!
over and out
-krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪ ♥