Monday, October 29, 2012

Satin Circus @ The Circus


Thanks to all the Popsters who came to our gig at Kamppi last wednesday! It was magnificent! + It's been a productive week with co-writes with the finnish top songwriter Patric Sarin. =)  >>>>

We also booked a great gig with Chris Medina! He's famous from American Idol, and is a truly terrific singer. His single "What are words" tell's about his wife who went trough a car crash. The doctors didn't believe she'd survive, but Chris kept believing that she'd come out ok, sleeping every night by her side at the hospital. After staying in a coma for one and a half month she made it trough, although with serious brain damage. The song about keeping promises, and the true impact of words. It's such a touching story! 
Also the gig is at The Circus in Helsinki, which because of it's name has been on my list of "must do's" since the founding of this band =DD So many reasons to be there!! Buy the tickets from here: HERE 

Chris video:

Tomorrow we'll be playing unplugged at ASK Band night @ COR-Huset in Arabia, Helsinki. It's age limited, and 2€ in for students! What a bargain!!! BARGAIN  = Showtime 'round 21:15 =

Songwriting is not always easy, so Olli tried banging some ideas into my head today. Got what he deserved!  >:D

Were renewing much our visual stuff in the near future, whatever that means, you'll see. Keep your eyes open! 

I'm not sure that the person I'm about to thank will read this, but in case she ever does, I want to make clear how much we appreciated all her tips and wisdoms. Thank you Márta for foreseeing nearly everything there has been to foresee in the music business so far. I think it's been very helpful.

This was a very sentimental blogpost indeed, so I'll end it with the sentiment it requires.

Goodnight folks! Keep yourself warm, drink good tea and love each other. See you in a week!

//Paul <3

Monday, October 22, 2012


Hi there Popsters! :)

Usually I'm writing about gigs, writing songs and other "band stuff", but this week I'm going to tell you about something completely different. As Krippe mentioned in his last week's blog we had a couple days off for the first time since July, and I used those days well :D

The Old Town and some random guy ;)
When we decided to have this "mini holiday" I booked a trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia with some of my best friends. I was looking for a nice relaxed holiday, but to be honest, since I hadn't done any study about Dubrovnik I wasn't expecting too much from the resort and boy, was I pleasantly surprised once we got there!

 The most fabulous and beautiful old town I've ever seen! The whole town was squeezed inside the ancient city walls which meant that everything was quite "tight". The streets were often so narrow that two persons couldn't walk side-by-side, and I had to walk sideways to be able to get passed the corridor in our hotel. It might sound like a nightmare for some, but for me it was heaven. I love the way the cities were built back then: buildings were charming and close to each other. It's so cozy, and no car can get in. 

The view from our balcony
The balcony in our hotel room was another great surprise. It turned out that because of the very narrow streets there was only a very few balconies in the whole old town and our room just happened to have one! Since our hotel was on a hill and we had the top floor, the view was spectacular! I had some of the breakfasts and sunsets of my life up there :) 

The sunset
Me jumping into the sea :)
 Once I stepped outside the city walls I found another pleasant surprise: the bright blue Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful coastline which went on as far as eye could see. Since we had luck with the weather I ended up spending most of my time laying on the rocky cliffs by the sea and on the white beach.

Now we're back in Helsinki writing songs and practicing for the Wednesdays in Kamppi shopping center. We're gonna play at the main plaza at 4 pm. (16.00). The gig will be aired live on Radio X3M. See you all there!! 

Sorry for the "travel blog" :D
- Social Joe <3 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Winter is Coming


It's been a fun week! The best thing about being in a band is such varying workdays. Last week we had a couple of gigs and a lovely photo shoot! The weather was stunning and life was good. Then again, this week we've sat in our studio trying to make breathtakingly beautiful and stupefyingly smashing music. Sadly, it has mostly turned out substandard, but we've had good laughs fooling around. We haven't had this much fun in months, mainly because we're really tired! :D 

We're taking a vacation!

Paul took a head start and flew to Stockholm today! Olli is heading towards insanely beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia on Wednesday. I might head off to London to see some friends and Axel.. well he'll stay in rainy Helsinki. Muhaha!

But Olli always has the energy to bring it!

We hope to charge some energy and come back in tip-top shape to make some kick-ass music.

Good news! The temperature hit -1°C(30.2°F) this morning. As Lord Eddard Stark (R.I.P) would say "Winter is Coming". Autumn was gorgeous, but the nice part is clearly over. So can't we just skip ahead to happy & fluffy Winterland?! Or might it be to soon? Nah, I like Christmas. My birthday is coming up <3 The other guys are probably gonna kill me for even thinking about Christmas :D hah, so might even you dear Popsters.
Here's some Christmas lights I put up!
But hating on Christmas in October is so passé! Every year the stores start their Santa Clausian advertising around this time, and every year everyone gets upset about it. Then a couple of months later everyone's mushy, stating how much they love it. So embrace it already, and be happy <3. If by some chance you're still irritated, your rage letters concerning pre-Christmas disorder reaches me at n_n'

Talking about winter, HERE is the event for our Christmas gig with Robin in Jyväskylä the 9.12. Attend, share, tweet and care!

Just a quick reminder that we post exquisite & exclusive material on every single one of our channels. That is, facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagramblogspot. So stay on top of things and catch 'em all! You all are already exceeding all of our expectations dear fans. Maybe because we don't expect anything from you at all, but STILL you tweet, comment, post pictures of satin circus stuff you make (loving the t-shirts btw!), heart, share and are overall insanely cute. 
Thank you so much!
© Henna Hyvärinen

That's it for me now, see you next week!
Stay classy dear Popsters - krippeヾ(^∇^)'ー♪

Monday, October 8, 2012

songwriting, gigs and promo shoot

Hi <3

During the last few weeks we've been writing songs all day and night, as some of you might know. It's been great and we have a lot of great new songs coming up! We can't wait for you to hear them! (Especially the love songs ;)) Great songwriters say that you're always one hit away from success, and now we're spending all our time trying to write that one super hit. It's not easy but we're getting closer song by song..

Writing is fun but the best feeling when finishing a new song is the thought of playing that song live for thousands of fans… I guess that's why we're a band and not a songwriting team ;)

As we've done nearly nothing else than songwriting during the last weeks we were super excited when someone called from a great gig venue in Turku and wanted us to come and play a gig there! Especially because of the way the gig was organized: Some of our lovely fans had been requesting us so many times that the venue decided to call us. That's really awesome, thanks girls!!! We had the gig on friday and it was sooo cool to finally play without an age limit, and in Turku! Some fans got there all the way from Eastern Finland and that's really heartwarming. Thank you for all the support!! <3 <3 <3

Krippe, me and some fans in an elevator in Turku after the gig :D

One thing we've noticed is how you fans are starting to team up, you're adding each other on facebook, tweeting to each other and some rumors say you even meet each other outside our gigs! Keep doing that <3 If our band somehow makes people meet and become friends, what more can we ask for?

For all you fans out there: remember to send us mail, questions or photos from our gigs! You mean the world to us! Without you Popsters there wouldn't be a Satin Circus!

We also played a gig in Loviisa on Saturday, we played 3 songs at a mega event for all kinds of artists and theaters and stuff. Great gig once again. People can't help smiling when they watch and hear the Satin Circus love that is bouncing off the stage! The age or gender doesn't matter, happiness works for everyone!

If there's one thing in Loviisa that you don't have anywhere else in the world, it's "Pitaperunat" at Pirjon Grilli, probably the best fast food I've ever had. (even better than the Döner in Berlin!) You should try it if you ever get the chance!

Yesterday we took new promo pictures. We tried a different approach this time: Instead of planning every picture we just had a lot of fun and fooled around in different kinds of places and had the London-based photographer Niko take pictures of us doing what we do best: having fun. In the end it's all about that, whether we're on stage or off stage, in the studio or on a road trip. The best part in being a band instead of a solo artist is that though we might be stuck inside the studio for weeks, we still have each other. Not that we don't have fights and stuff, but we always get over them and just laugh at each others bad jokes! :P

Here's some phone photos while we're waiting for the real ones!

Paul the assistant

Just wait til you see the photos, you're gonna love them!! Views over the city skyline, a beautiful lake, a road trip, a cozy summer cottage... And thanks to our lovely extras, you were amazing. And super cute<3

Sony Music decides which photos will be used so let's just wait and see!

And now for some great news!! We'll be playing a gig in Jyväskylä on the 9th of December with Robin. Hope to see you all there!

with <3

Monday, October 1, 2012


Hi Popsters!

We've mostly been popping out pop-songs the last week(s)! It feels like our practice place is turning more into a home of some sort. Writing songs day in, day out.

But that's good, thats how it's supposed to be... isn't it =D

I realize that since my very first blogpost, I haven't updated my P.G.A. ("Paul's Gear Amazingness")!! What a shame! How could I be so careless. Well, here is an upgrade of the coolest sort! This is a bassplayers wet dream =) REFRIGERATOR STACK!

Here's another cool tip for the touring musician: Use the drummers credit card for an awesome d.i.y. pick! =)

And some more Berlin footage:

Oh, and now the band guys are gonna love me for sharing this, but I'll do it anyway: I've started mushroom hunting... cool? Well, I think it is! And I'll show you some of them. These I found almost on our own backyard!

Those yellow ones did really good with pasta <3

Keep poppin' Popsters.