Monday, October 1, 2012


Hi Popsters!

We've mostly been popping out pop-songs the last week(s)! It feels like our practice place is turning more into a home of some sort. Writing songs day in, day out.

But that's good, thats how it's supposed to be... isn't it =D

I realize that since my very first blogpost, I haven't updated my P.G.A. ("Paul's Gear Amazingness")!! What a shame! How could I be so careless. Well, here is an upgrade of the coolest sort! This is a bassplayers wet dream =) REFRIGERATOR STACK!

Here's another cool tip for the touring musician: Use the drummers credit card for an awesome d.i.y. pick! =)

And some more Berlin footage:

Oh, and now the band guys are gonna love me for sharing this, but I'll do it anyway: I've started mushroom hunting... cool? Well, I think it is! And I'll show you some of them. These I found almost on our own backyard!

Those yellow ones did really good with pasta <3

Keep poppin' Popsters.


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