Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hi there!

Here I am, me and my bonbons, sitting in front of the screen wondering what to write about. 
A cool breeze flows through my brain as I'm thinking... and nothing is found. Not a single piece of trash, not even a plastic bag dances in my thoughts right now. So I guess this will just be pointless mind flow.

We've been on vacation for a couple of days. I've spent quite a lot of my time with my family who are otherwise scattered all over the world. I'm so grateful to see them! Especially my little nephews and my niece. They'd probably get offended if I call them little tho! :) 

Today I made hamburgers with my friend. They tasted delicious! I dare say they were even better then the lousy Hard Rock Café ones we went for last time. Complete rubbish! One hamburger joint you all ought to check out is NYC Burger in Ruoholahti. It's great! Then we watched Snatch. It was as good as I remembered.

I had so much fun on the Nosturi gig! So a huge thank you to all of the ones who were there! I managed to down the microphone stand like 5 times, quite proud of that! :) (& the meatballs backstage were quite tasty! Here is a list of our upcoming gigs! Hope to see you there! 

10.8 Nagu Rock, Nauvo

11.8 Linnanmäki Back to School, Helsinki

16.8 Radio X3M STK, Urheiluhalli, Porvoo

24.8 Mopo-rokki, Helsinki

18.9 Elämä Lapselle, Hartwall Areena, Helsinki

Olli bought a new acoustic guitar and he's been playing it a lot! Although we're having a short break and it's lovely I can't wait to get back and start working again!

I've tried to get a tan, but all in vain. I'm not made to look like a sun-kissed goddess, more like a cooked lobster, without the cooked lobster part since there's no sun here, so just back to my vampiric paleness.

Now my fingers itch and I need to go play more League of Legends! So have a great summer and see you around! Take care, oaky doaky?! 

she's way hotter than Paul, right? ;)

have  GREAT summer!

stay classy world! ~k xoxo

(btw, listening to an almost finished version of Sleep Tonight! muhaha, it's really sounding awesome! :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lovin' Summer, Summer Lovin'

Hi there! As the summer goes on, our instagram is turning more and more into a nature photography page. Well, it's just that whenever we see something beautiful we want you all to see it too. Simple :D 

I've been enjoying the sea like never before. Alright, I spent my childhood summers on a boat..  But since that time I haven't really been out that much. This summer the weather has been so good that anytime our band practice ends I'll call some friends, run to the boat and cruise out of the harbor full speed. Right into the archipelago. Cool.

Last week was gonna be our week off, but then we got mail from Sweden that some stuff should still be recorded. So as Olli took off to Kuopio and Paul went fixing a sail boat in Oulu, me and Krippe stayed in the studio recording some guitars and saxophone. It went pretty well and we're really close to having the album ready! We still need to record some backing vocals and ad libs, but after that we're finished. Feels great!! It's almost a year since we signed to Sony and started making this album.. It hasn't been easy but it has been worth all the hard work. The four songs we already mastered sound soooo good!! Can't wait for you all to hear them! We even recorded live strings to Sleep Tonight!
Wine, olives & the sea!

This weeks Friday we're having a gig in Nosturi, and then we'll probably take some time off again and enjoy the summer. August will be filled with work again so the best thing to do now is to relax.. You should do it too!

PS. I got the best fan gift ever last week!! Check it out:P 

Thanks Aino & Aino! I guess saving water is something everybody should think about in the summer heat!

Thanks Aino&Aino;)

Have a great summer everybody!! See you soon!<3

Stora Brändö

Monday, July 8, 2013

Helsinki cup, what's up!

Oh man I just came home form the gig we had at the opening ceremony of Helsinki Cup, and it was positively stupendously crazy! Great audience, and tons of our fans there too! And thanks for all the funny little gifts you guys gave me. You are too nice!!!

Helsinki Cup is Finlands biggest football tournament, and for juniors only! I've played in the cup multiple times for MPS (Malmin Palloseura) as a youngster and thus this gig had an even greater value for me. The ambience on the opening festivities was relaxed and warm. We met minister Alexander Stubb, and footballers Aki Riihilahti and Joel Pohjanpalo. =D

But hey other than that, we've mostly been relaxing! Haha! We took the weekend off, and I set sails to our summer cottage near Tampere together with my brother! 

This is what the big house looks like.

Rhubarber is tasty!

Here is the sauna! 

 A hammock and a book (+sun). The essence of relaxing!

 Did i mention there is a sauna?!

The cornfield was at it's most beautiful state that weekend!!

MMM... Cooorn!!

Almost like in Gladiator?? C:

The pier by the sauna.

I wanna inform you that the music video we filmed two weeks ago will be sooo cool! Arty shots 'n stuff. This is Axel doing what he does best... or, what is he even doing?! You'll see!!

The island were we shoot most of the video was full of beautiful creatures! 
Here's my take on fauna photography. Discovery Channel beware!!

This cute fella almost got stepped on. Lucky he had got such a shiny shell!

Lil' lizzard.

A lot of pixels there to digest now don't you think!! =)

Take care!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's funny because it's late

Hi Popsters,

Right now we're having somewhat a holiday, meaning that we still practice everyday but only for 2 hours a day. It's quite a change from what we've been doing for the last 1,5 years, and it feels so strange. For the last 1,5 years my life have been very straight forward: waking up at 7 am, a cup of coffee and then to the studio where we start at 9 am. From there on we'd be writing songs to 7-12 pm depending on the day. Now the album is almost ready and we've decided to have a break from writing songs. 

Me and Axel went to Tammisaari Last week

On the way to Tammisaari

One might think that having this much more free time would be just great, but strangely enough it's not. I have this strange feeling of not knowing what to do. My life has been so scheduled that I haven't had to think of anything. I just woke up every morning and knew what I had to do. I had this goal where I was going (getting the songs ready for the album) and nothing else mattered. Having too much free time means that you have to make plans for everyday and you get bored very easily. First world problems, I know. :D

Krippe "SWAG" W.

As you know we were filming the music video for our next single a week ago. We haven't seen any of the footage yet, but we saw the director on the other day and he said it's gonna be one of coolest videos ever :) We also got the mastered version of the song yesterday, and it sounds great! They really know how to do these things in Sweden :D Speaking of which I really want to visit Stockholm this summer. It's one of my favorite cities and I didn't get the chance to go there last year.

- Social Joe <3

Ps. All this vining about having too much time, and yet I managed to forget to write this blog on time :D

Pps. Don't miss our next gig! We're playing at the opening ceremony for the Helsinki Cup next Monday! It's gonna be in the evening somewhere near the Olympic Stadium. Check our Facebook to get the exact time and place :)

Krippe's big crowd :D