Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lovin' Summer, Summer Lovin'

Hi there! As the summer goes on, our instagram is turning more and more into a nature photography page. Well, it's just that whenever we see something beautiful we want you all to see it too. Simple :D 

I've been enjoying the sea like never before. Alright, I spent my childhood summers on a boat..  But since that time I haven't really been out that much. This summer the weather has been so good that anytime our band practice ends I'll call some friends, run to the boat and cruise out of the harbor full speed. Right into the archipelago. Cool.

Last week was gonna be our week off, but then we got mail from Sweden that some stuff should still be recorded. So as Olli took off to Kuopio and Paul went fixing a sail boat in Oulu, me and Krippe stayed in the studio recording some guitars and saxophone. It went pretty well and we're really close to having the album ready! We still need to record some backing vocals and ad libs, but after that we're finished. Feels great!! It's almost a year since we signed to Sony and started making this album.. It hasn't been easy but it has been worth all the hard work. The four songs we already mastered sound soooo good!! Can't wait for you all to hear them! We even recorded live strings to Sleep Tonight!
Wine, olives & the sea!

This weeks Friday we're having a gig in Nosturi, and then we'll probably take some time off again and enjoy the summer. August will be filled with work again so the best thing to do now is to relax.. You should do it too!

PS. I got the best fan gift ever last week!! Check it out:P 

Thanks Aino & Aino! I guess saving water is something everybody should think about in the summer heat!

Thanks Aino&Aino;)

Have a great summer everybody!! See you soon!<3

Stora Brändö


  1. hehe kiva et tykkäsit paidasta ;)

  2. lisätkää lukijapalkki sivu gadgetteihin niin helpottaa seurailua! :)

  3. haha nii paras toi paita :D