Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's funny because it's late

Hi Popsters,

Right now we're having somewhat a holiday, meaning that we still practice everyday but only for 2 hours a day. It's quite a change from what we've been doing for the last 1,5 years, and it feels so strange. For the last 1,5 years my life have been very straight forward: waking up at 7 am, a cup of coffee and then to the studio where we start at 9 am. From there on we'd be writing songs to 7-12 pm depending on the day. Now the album is almost ready and we've decided to have a break from writing songs. 

Me and Axel went to Tammisaari Last week

On the way to Tammisaari

One might think that having this much more free time would be just great, but strangely enough it's not. I have this strange feeling of not knowing what to do. My life has been so scheduled that I haven't had to think of anything. I just woke up every morning and knew what I had to do. I had this goal where I was going (getting the songs ready for the album) and nothing else mattered. Having too much free time means that you have to make plans for everyday and you get bored very easily. First world problems, I know. :D

Krippe "SWAG" W.

As you know we were filming the music video for our next single a week ago. We haven't seen any of the footage yet, but we saw the director on the other day and he said it's gonna be one of coolest videos ever :) We also got the mastered version of the song yesterday, and it sounds great! They really know how to do these things in Sweden :D Speaking of which I really want to visit Stockholm this summer. It's one of my favorite cities and I didn't get the chance to go there last year.

- Social Joe <3

Ps. All this vining about having too much time, and yet I managed to forget to write this blog on time :D

Pps. Don't miss our next gig! We're playing at the opening ceremony for the Helsinki Cup next Monday! It's gonna be in the evening somewhere near the Olympic Stadium. Check our Facebook to get the exact time and place :)

Krippe's big crowd :D

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  1. you were writing that your goal was the album, so next one can be MSG ? ;) some day you guys are on that stage!