Monday, July 8, 2013

Helsinki cup, what's up!

Oh man I just came home form the gig we had at the opening ceremony of Helsinki Cup, and it was positively stupendously crazy! Great audience, and tons of our fans there too! And thanks for all the funny little gifts you guys gave me. You are too nice!!!

Helsinki Cup is Finlands biggest football tournament, and for juniors only! I've played in the cup multiple times for MPS (Malmin Palloseura) as a youngster and thus this gig had an even greater value for me. The ambience on the opening festivities was relaxed and warm. We met minister Alexander Stubb, and footballers Aki Riihilahti and Joel Pohjanpalo. =D

But hey other than that, we've mostly been relaxing! Haha! We took the weekend off, and I set sails to our summer cottage near Tampere together with my brother! 

This is what the big house looks like.

Rhubarber is tasty!

Here is the sauna! 

 A hammock and a book (+sun). The essence of relaxing!

 Did i mention there is a sauna?!

The cornfield was at it's most beautiful state that weekend!!

MMM... Cooorn!!

Almost like in Gladiator?? C:

The pier by the sauna.

I wanna inform you that the music video we filmed two weeks ago will be sooo cool! Arty shots 'n stuff. This is Axel doing what he does best... or, what is he even doing?! You'll see!!

The island were we shoot most of the video was full of beautiful creatures! 
Here's my take on fauna photography. Discovery Channel beware!!

This cute fella almost got stepped on. Lucky he had got such a shiny shell!

Lil' lizzard.

A lot of pixels there to digest now don't you think!! =)

Take care!


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