Monday, February 27, 2012!!!!!!

Hey popsters! (Gaga has her monsters, Ke$ha's got her animals, One Direction have their Directioners (?))

It might seem like we haven't done much during the last few weeks but actually we've been doing a lot of cool stuff, mostly writing new songs and playing them. One of the coolest things that's happened is that we now have our own webpage:! (thanks to Naomi for the coding!!) Go check it out! If you think you know everything about us, go read our personal bios. I guarantee you'll be surprised!

Another thing that you might have heard of is that Krippe is playing guitar in "Frontside Ollie" -Robin's band, which is kinda cool too! Robin is currently the most hyped artist in Finland and his record sold triple platinum (60 000) in one day! That's more than any Idol winner or basically anyone else ever has :D

Here's a clip I filmed on their gig in Sello. It was.... well, you can see for yourself... Thousands of people were watching and some of the girls went really crazy and fought over who would get Robin's autograph. Krippe's been signing autographs aswell, he seems to be getting used to the popstar-life, traveling around the country from gig to gig, bonding with music business people and letting the record company pay for his food :D Somehow he still manages to get to band practice and to our songwriting sessions @ "Axel's Penthouse Crib" (check it out on foursquare!)

We have a new song that we're really excited about! It's called Peach Party and it might be our best song yet! You're gonna love it!! You might get to hear it sometime soon!

Then there is the secret stuff that we can't talk about yet, but one thing is for sure: something that happens in a couple of months will change the world. And who's gonna own the world that night? ;)

We've also been planning our first promo-trip! At the end of March we will travel to Tallinn to a music conference and promote our band to a bunch of music industry professionals: managers, agents, record companies! (our hotel's got a swimming pool so I guess there's gonna be a pool party of some kind... call us if you're in Tallinn that weekend…)

See ya!

smoothie sippin' Axel

Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow Hey Oh'

God day to ya' all!

Hah, I'm writing this while sitting in the Metro, being a bit late for our rehearsals, due to heavy snowfall… well thats what I told them ;)
It's been quite a lot of snow lately, which is cool, but not when it comes to parking your car near the Helsinki city center. That I found out yesterday when I had parked my car in a little pile of snow by the sidewalk, and got stuck! =( We were going to see a play starting in fifteen minutes, but just could not get the car out of the snow!! But then! My hero "Pontus the Movie-maker" appeared from nowhere! And using his strong video-maker forearms he single-handedly pushed the car trough the snow drift!

Pontus, you really are a cool chap! We already owe you for the fantastic Live tape you made us in Tölö Gymnasium. Check out the full version:

What's happening musically speaking is that we just wrote our first creamy ballad. It still needs some polish, but it's gonna be totally awesome! We've been working on a lot on new material lately and it feels like we have created some fresh new sounds. If you want to hear some of it you'll have to come to our gig in Café Mascot on april 3rd! Draw that into your calendar =)

Remember to vote in Radio X3M:s Osajnat. We uploaded three songs there:

//Paul <3

Monday, February 13, 2012

Almost spring

Oh hello! It's time to get Social again :D

The sun seems to be returning to Helsinki from its annual trip to the south, and it really shows. All kinds of human-like-creatures are crawling to the daylight from their holes and nests, and the smile has returned to the faces of the passers by. So now it's not only us Popsters! ;)

But let's get down to business and pop out the big question: what is Satin Circus doing right now? Well, apart from the top secret stuff done at the top secret location with some top secret people who have no birth certificate of any kind, we are working on couple of new songs. It took a while to come up with a new fresh sound that would still sound like Satin Circus, but finally we nailed it! I must say I'm really excited about these newcomers, and I know you'll be too once we get the demos done.

We're also working on our upcoming website and it's starting to look insanely great! :) I must thank our webmaster for the patience. I guess we can be annoyingly demanding at times… But as said soon we will have our very own .com page which will be the homepage on everybody's browser. Right?

We received some very cool pics from our last gig @Arabiasali:
(Thanks to Sami Sirniö)

You all must have heard about the unfortunate death of Whitney Houston last Saturday :( She was a special pop star for me in a way that no one else can ever be… She was the no. 1 on billboard the day I was born (you can check out the no.1 on your birthday here [Krippe had Michael Jackson, which explains a bit why he can sing the way he does. Axel and Paul had some never-heard-suck-ass songs, so there you go…])

But anyway thanks for reading this week's post. I'm Social Joe and I approve this message :)

Ps. Now you can hear our music here too
Please register here and give our songs 5 star ratings. That way you can hear our music on Radio X3M! :)

ps2. Loreen - Euphoria must be the 2nd best thing on the planet right now! We all know what's the no. 1 :D

Monday, February 6, 2012

Closed Encounters

As Axel and Olli already mentioned in the previous posts, we had the honor of opening the Close Encounters festival in our school. It was so much fun, and the other band that night, Samantha Schultz Trio were fantastic! We got to hang out with them and many other new friends on several occasions during last week. Everything culminated in Axel's epic penthouse party! We might've broken a Guinness World Record in fitting people in. It was a real international celebration with Russians, Germans and French fries! Everyone had a blast and it was a great way to end it all. We just want to thank everyone for participating and making it special for us. To sum up this lovely and successful Close Encounters Festival here is an interview that we made!

But life goes on towards even bigger things. We have some sensational material coming up in the next months! Also, sunshine and warmer days are just around the corner along with the spring collections(which technically means pastel colors like every year)!

That's it for me. I tend to focus on the content and not the length.

See you next week -krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪