Monday, November 25, 2013


Now, don't take me for a shallow or cosmetic person. But, I love clothes. I haven't always loved them, but during the last few years I've grown a big fan of "couture". It was a mere moment of realizing that what you wear can be more than a warm necessity. Clothes can be art. That's obvious. And all clothes can be art. And clothes are always a statement. 

My love for clothes started in the military. That's a place where clothes are given a very central role. You've got different clothes for different purposes, for different practical situations and formal situations. In the army you're forced to pay attention to the way you dress: clean your boots, tie a good tie and check your collar(and more importantly the rank marks on other peoples collars). Because all the conscripts have the same set of gear, the only way to stand out from the crowd is to have shinier boots. So I started paying attention on the small details, and eventually ended up hooked in the world of menswear dress code. (I'm on the far right on the pic)

The meaning of clothes did not occur to me before I was taken away my freedom to choose my clothes myself. 

When I (finally) finished the army I started experimenting with new styles… first very clumsily… but now my eye is better trained, and I've slowly learned what I really like. A good helping hand for me is Tumblr. It's a good way to stay on top of todays trends. I have an own fashion blog, for inspiration and to keep track of myself.
My tumblr HERE

This is me in ninth grade (16years)… what great taste… ;]

This is me at my best...

This is just a few months ago… so I guess you can say that there's been no real progress.

Sometimes I try to dress up a little

Take care

Monday, November 18, 2013

Office destruction & other theories

Hola Popsters,

@Spotify finland

Last week we had an unplugged gig at the Spotify Finland. The gig itself was very nice and once again we got to meet great new people in the business and had some great time. But it was the next morning that was worth of a story… :D
So I left the party somewhere around 1 am and, as always, Krippe stayed to be the last guy leaving the party (some traditions you just don't mess up with). The next morning we came back to pick up the instruments, and the seen was some what amazing. The whole office was flooded with these small styrofoam balls (and when I say flooded I really mean it: the floors were covered with 20-30cm thick layer). There had been several "accidents" and many Fatboys had blew up covering the floors with these things. Also the pictures had been torn down from the walls and the place was bashed beyond recognition. Of course Krippe, according to himself, didn't have anything to do with any of this and he had been just an innocent bystander witnessing the events. Yeah right… :D

The gig @Spotify

My extensive and scientifically widely accepted studies have come to the conclusion that the time between 6 and 7 am is pure evil and should be banned from the face of earth, and if the human civilization ever should go to another planet or colony in space, from there too. Let me explain.
Last week we had one of those crazy early wake-up calls since we were guests at the YLE morning show called "Min Morgon". My alarm clock was set to 4.30 am, which always seems scary, since you think you're gonna be so tired that you can't get up. But no. It was one of the easiest morning ever, and I felt good and energetic. And it's always like that if you have to get up that early. Also after 7 am it gets easy to get out of the bed. It's only between 6 and 7 am when you're body is designed to put up the fight for not getting up. An evil plan put-up by the higher powers to ruin your mornings. I say we fight back! Let's take those hours out of the clock. Straight from 5 to 8. Problem solved. They should put me in the power. I'd get things done… :D

@Min Morgon

The "pikkujoulu" season is almost here! Now it seems that we're going to have three different parties: Rähinä, Sony and our own Satin Circus pikkujoulut. I can't wait….

Much Love,

Ps. You always gotta have a ps.

Monday, November 11, 2013


fun facts of week #45

- we had like 6 gigs in three days. (All of them were acoustic tho'. But it's equally fun! Just a little bit different)

  • made a trip to Lahti for the radio station Voima (1) and after that we played in the mall called 'Trio' (2)

  • It was the international Red Nose day and because of that many radio stations had a broadcasting marathon with loads extra happenings. We played and had interviews with Radio Nova, YleX and Radio X3M (5)

  • a few friends of ours at the hilarious sock company Happy Socks opened up a pop-up store so played at their grand opening! (6) I recommend checking it out! the store is located at Iso Roba in Helsinki and in addition to socks it features some great artwork by David La Chapelle 

I guess I'm all out of fun facts. But it was an eventful week :) 

Thank you all for being there with us all the time. It felt like a we spent a whole week with you :)

have a good week guys <3


Monday, November 4, 2013


What a weekend! Can't describe how awesome that was.. We flew to Oslo on Saturday and while the Sony people were having dinner (where we were supposed to be..) we went straight to meet our Norwegian friends instead. Me and Julie had a surprise for Adelén: we booked a limo a drove around the city for an hour listening to the best pop music :D that was awesome and the birthday girl seemed to like it ;)

Check out Julie's blog for the Norwegian version of it :D

photos by Julie Bergan

The night ended up in a hotel room party, and with less than an hour of sleep we went to the soundcheck at Sentrum Scene in the morning. What a venue! Perfect for pop music, there are no places like that in Finland!

When we were supposed to do our soundcheck we realized that our backline was missing.. 20 minutes before the doors opened.. Good thing they found some amps somewhere just before the audience came in :D

The gig was beyond magical. I've never felt anything like that on stage. When I went on stage first and started to play the intro synth I just couldn't believe what I saw and heard. Thousands of girls screaming on the top of their lungs to a band they've probably never heard of! Oh my god. I had goosebumps during the whole gig, from the first chord to the last words. I wish we could play more gigs like that in the future.

We got hundreds of new fans in Norway and they're doing their best to promote us, calling radio stations and showing our music to friends. All of this makes me happier than you could imagine. Thank you so much!<3

And thanks to the boys, Adelén & Julie, Isac & his crew and everyone else involved for making this the best weekend of my life! I don't know if I've ever been this happy<3


ps. There's a video blog from the Norway trip coming up soon ;)