Monday, November 4, 2013


What a weekend! Can't describe how awesome that was.. We flew to Oslo on Saturday and while the Sony people were having dinner (where we were supposed to be..) we went straight to meet our Norwegian friends instead. Me and Julie had a surprise for Adelén: we booked a limo a drove around the city for an hour listening to the best pop music :D that was awesome and the birthday girl seemed to like it ;)

Check out Julie's blog for the Norwegian version of it :D

photos by Julie Bergan

The night ended up in a hotel room party, and with less than an hour of sleep we went to the soundcheck at Sentrum Scene in the morning. What a venue! Perfect for pop music, there are no places like that in Finland!

When we were supposed to do our soundcheck we realized that our backline was missing.. 20 minutes before the doors opened.. Good thing they found some amps somewhere just before the audience came in :D

The gig was beyond magical. I've never felt anything like that on stage. When I went on stage first and started to play the intro synth I just couldn't believe what I saw and heard. Thousands of girls screaming on the top of their lungs to a band they've probably never heard of! Oh my god. I had goosebumps during the whole gig, from the first chord to the last words. I wish we could play more gigs like that in the future.

We got hundreds of new fans in Norway and they're doing their best to promote us, calling radio stations and showing our music to friends. All of this makes me happier than you could imagine. Thank you so much!<3

And thanks to the boys, Adelén & Julie, Isac & his crew and everyone else involved for making this the best weekend of my life! I don't know if I've ever been this happy<3


ps. There's a video blog from the Norway trip coming up soon ;)

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