Monday, November 25, 2013


Now, don't take me for a shallow or cosmetic person. But, I love clothes. I haven't always loved them, but during the last few years I've grown a big fan of "couture". It was a mere moment of realizing that what you wear can be more than a warm necessity. Clothes can be art. That's obvious. And all clothes can be art. And clothes are always a statement. 

My love for clothes started in the military. That's a place where clothes are given a very central role. You've got different clothes for different purposes, for different practical situations and formal situations. In the army you're forced to pay attention to the way you dress: clean your boots, tie a good tie and check your collar(and more importantly the rank marks on other peoples collars). Because all the conscripts have the same set of gear, the only way to stand out from the crowd is to have shinier boots. So I started paying attention on the small details, and eventually ended up hooked in the world of menswear dress code. (I'm on the far right on the pic)

The meaning of clothes did not occur to me before I was taken away my freedom to choose my clothes myself. 

When I (finally) finished the army I started experimenting with new styles… first very clumsily… but now my eye is better trained, and I've slowly learned what I really like. A good helping hand for me is Tumblr. It's a good way to stay on top of todays trends. I have an own fashion blog, for inspiration and to keep track of myself.
My tumblr HERE

This is me in ninth grade (16years)… what great taste… ;]

This is me at my best...

This is just a few months ago… so I guess you can say that there's been no real progress.

Sometimes I try to dress up a little

Take care

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