Monday, November 18, 2013

Office destruction & other theories

Hola Popsters,

@Spotify finland

Last week we had an unplugged gig at the Spotify Finland. The gig itself was very nice and once again we got to meet great new people in the business and had some great time. But it was the next morning that was worth of a story… :D
So I left the party somewhere around 1 am and, as always, Krippe stayed to be the last guy leaving the party (some traditions you just don't mess up with). The next morning we came back to pick up the instruments, and the seen was some what amazing. The whole office was flooded with these small styrofoam balls (and when I say flooded I really mean it: the floors were covered with 20-30cm thick layer). There had been several "accidents" and many Fatboys had blew up covering the floors with these things. Also the pictures had been torn down from the walls and the place was bashed beyond recognition. Of course Krippe, according to himself, didn't have anything to do with any of this and he had been just an innocent bystander witnessing the events. Yeah right… :D

The gig @Spotify

My extensive and scientifically widely accepted studies have come to the conclusion that the time between 6 and 7 am is pure evil and should be banned from the face of earth, and if the human civilization ever should go to another planet or colony in space, from there too. Let me explain.
Last week we had one of those crazy early wake-up calls since we were guests at the YLE morning show called "Min Morgon". My alarm clock was set to 4.30 am, which always seems scary, since you think you're gonna be so tired that you can't get up. But no. It was one of the easiest morning ever, and I felt good and energetic. And it's always like that if you have to get up that early. Also after 7 am it gets easy to get out of the bed. It's only between 6 and 7 am when you're body is designed to put up the fight for not getting up. An evil plan put-up by the higher powers to ruin your mornings. I say we fight back! Let's take those hours out of the clock. Straight from 5 to 8. Problem solved. They should put me in the power. I'd get things done… :D

@Min Morgon

The "pikkujoulu" season is almost here! Now it seems that we're going to have three different parties: Rähinä, Sony and our own Satin Circus pikkujoulut. I can't wait….

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