Monday, November 11, 2013


fun facts of week #45

- we had like 6 gigs in three days. (All of them were acoustic tho'. But it's equally fun! Just a little bit different)

  • made a trip to Lahti for the radio station Voima (1) and after that we played in the mall called 'Trio' (2)

  • It was the international Red Nose day and because of that many radio stations had a broadcasting marathon with loads extra happenings. We played and had interviews with Radio Nova, YleX and Radio X3M (5)

  • a few friends of ours at the hilarious sock company Happy Socks opened up a pop-up store so played at their grand opening! (6) I recommend checking it out! the store is located at Iso Roba in Helsinki and in addition to socks it features some great artwork by David La Chapelle 

I guess I'm all out of fun facts. But it was an eventful week :) 

Thank you all for being there with us all the time. It felt like a we spent a whole week with you :)

have a good week guys <3


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