Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Can I come home now?

"I will revive our fallen comrade.
Too long has he been forsaken and forgotten. 
Too long have we neglected his existence."

We're slowly getting back to our usual routines after a fun summer. We met a lot of new people, saw a lot of new places and got to play awesome gigs but it feels kind of good to get back to normal life after all the hassle. It's not only a new start for this blog but also for our band because we've left dear old Lauttasaari behind us. It was time to say goodbye to that 14m2 adorable little cage where we spent the last three years. Change is good. It opens up new opportunities. Our new studio is almost three times bigger, has good acoustics and already feels like a second home.

As a band we're facing big challenges in our future. If you think of our band as a person I'd say right now it's a 14 year old boy who has just had his first crush. It was a lovely time, everything felt right but it couldn't last forever.  It didn't work out for them and he got dumped.  Of course it made him a stronger person and he learnt a lot from the experience but he still lingers in thoughts of confusion and uncertainty. Who am I? What do I really want? Will anyone love me again?

We've written songs for the second album for over a year now. We've done folk songs, progressive pop, mainstream, Motown soul, gritty Finnish "I-cut-my-wrist" rock, hell even turkish dancehall. And out of all of this we've actually managed to make a few good songs. Most of them different from each other but all of them personal and important to us. What we're facing now is deciding where we wanna take this. What sound are we looking for? The songs will define us as a band and the options and opportunities are endless. What are we? What do we really want? Will anyone love us again?

In times of despair and confusion it's good to look back at the good times in life. Just like that 14 year old boy and his (ex) crush should do. All the memories, all the emotions, everything! Despite the outcome, what they will always remember is the feeling. It felt right.

I know what we have to do. We have to do what feels right and go with it. No reservations, no holding back. Try to live up to our full potential and do our best. I'm excited and scared but that's part of it, right?

Thanks for being here for us, it really means the world. I look forward to scribbling down more thoughts for you in the future. (Although I really think we're doing this mostly for ourselves :D)

stay classy