Monday, June 25, 2012


Hi guys!
Axel has been in Germany and Paul's been in Cyprus. So guess what Olli and I have been doing? I'd like to say we've been super productive. But we're allowed to take it easy every now and then as well! :) We had a great Midsummer in town! The best thing about Midsummer in Helsinki is that it's so calm and silent. 

 That said, we did finish a new song. Can't wait for you to hear it! By the way, we just released a new teaser of Own the World Tonight. Enjoy!

We have some great gigs coming up. We play at the Peacock Theater in Linnanmäki the 2.7 with Robin. Get your tickets HERE! And fast because there's not many tickets left! We're also playing with Alina Devecerski in Helsinki, Korjaamo the 5.9. Her hit song is #2 in Spotify's most played in Sweden. For a full list of our gigs check out our website. Also don't forget to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube account! Stay tuned!
  (Yay, so many links to click on!)

We just got a teaser of the fruits of our labor from the lovely photo-shoot with Karri Harju, Timo Varamäki, Petriina Suomela & Kristian Palmu. Here's a preview of the upcoming set! They did such a great job!
So I hope to see you all on Monday the 2nd in Linnanmäki, it's gonna be great! If you want to hear our song Peach Party just listen to Radio X3M! You should also send in SMS texts (for free on their site) and request it! 

That's it for me now! And sh#t, I'm 16 minutes behind schedule Hope the boys won't kill me :)
Stay Classy Popsters! krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪

Monday, June 18, 2012


Hiya popsters!

It's been a really long, but really really fun week! So many things have happened in such a short time, so there hasn't really been any time to sleep or eat or do anything else at all :D Last week we did two unplugged gigs, a radio interview, a festival gig, some vocal and guitar recording, and wrote a new song and practiced more than ever. And confirmed 2 new gigs! (Kaapelitehdas 21.9 and Korjaamo 5.9, check out the details at

The Yobot-gig was great! We played in the Frozen Yogurt bar and everybody had a great time. And the froyo was goood! 

On tuesday we recorded guitars and vocals at Neomusic to the song Hello Hello that some of you have heard on our recent gigs. On Friday we did an interview for Radio X3M and played Peach Party and Hello Hello unplugged. 


The best part is that Peach Party got chosen to X3M's radio playlist which is a really cool thing since they choose only 4 new songs a week. We had to compete against Katy Perry and Coldplay but I guess they liked us ;) So, to hear the full version of Peach Party, listen to Radio X3M!!! It's the only way to hear the full version since it hasn't been released anywhere else yet!

On Saturday we played at Popkalaset in Jakobstad. 25 degrees and sunny! And our backstage included a swimming pool and a mini golf course! Awesome! 

Btw we now have an instagram account, check it out, just search for satincircus!

We signed dozens of autographs and took lots of pictures with new fans, it's really nice to see that when people see us for the first time some get hooked immediately! After our gig in Tammisaari last week we got 40 new facebook-fans in one day! Crazyy!

This time (in Jakobstad) we stayed til the end and saw all the other bands too, and our favorite was The Pusher, a Swedish pop/rock band that were just soooo good on stage, you could see how they enjoyed every move they made! They had to borrow my midi cable cause their own was broken so i felt kinda important too :D 

But the coolest thing about the Pusher was that they had their own Segway in their tourbus(!!!!!!) Watching the other artists trying to operate the device was amusing, apparently it's not as easy as it looks :D That's one thing we need. Im not going anywhere on tour without a Segway! Or a hot air balloon.. (now THAT would be something.)

We chatted with the guys from the Pusher and although our music styles are quite different, the basic idea of the band is the same: four best friends making music together and enjoying every minute of it. During the last month we've been practicing every single day and writing songs and recording stuff and playing gigs and taking care of gig-booking and stuff, so when we're doing all these things 8 hours a day we're kind of becoming a family. (A very weird kind of family though…) When we drove home from Jakobstad and were way too tired off all the partying and laughed at the worst jokes in human history and ran in the summer rain to get candy from the store I just realized that this is it. We may some day be the biggest band in the world but that's not really important. Doing all this with the guys is already a dream come true.

Why do they always spell it with a K????????

Coke in a glass bottle. Pure happiness!

The Pusher's been warming up for Sunrise Avenue during the last months, and speaking of Sunrise Ave, I just arrived in Berlin, probably the only capital in the world where a Finnish band gets more radio airplay than Katy Perry and Lady Gaga together (Hollywood Hills was the most played song on the German radios last year, with more than 50 000 plays!) I hope the people here will like us as much when the time comes ;) 

Blog writing and breakfast in Berlin!!!

I'm in Berlin cause this week is one of the two weeks we decided to take vacation from Satin Circus this summer, but when things start to happen there really is no time off. As I'm writing this in a Café in central Berlin, Krippe's on a gig, Olli's on a meeting with Music Export Finland, and Paul.. Well he's at Aya Napa in Cyprus partying like the party animal he is ;) I came to Berlin cause my good friend is currently living here, looking for inspiration for an opera he's composing music to. I'm looking forward to getting to know all the cool places, after all this might be our home some day..

And Sunrise Avenue's on the Café radio again.

I saw Krippe two days ago, Olli yesterday and Paul this morning at the airport but I already miss them all. Can't wait to get back to the SC-life!

And speaking of that, we're warming up for Robin at the Peacock Theater in Linnanmäki July 2nd at 6 pm, it's almost sold out so get your tickets soon!

And Osla Live is approaching too. Can't wait to play our synth riffs to Europe, after all they wrote the best synth riff in the history of the world ;)

I might have some meetings this week with German music industry people, but let's see what happens ;) love you all <3

// Axxl

Monday, June 11, 2012

Festival Life


The first half of Popkalaset 2012 festival is over. Despite the subtle but continuous rainfall, we had a gig to remember! First of all I want to thank all our fans and friends who were attending in spite of the weather, and also the fans who joined through the live stream =), and my own beloved, crazy, fan-club especially. You never let me down <3

Backstage arrangements were nice, with enough candy for all of us, and enough towels to keep our onstage MacBook Pro® s dry =/. And all the staff was friendly. I don't have a pic of our backstage room, but, you probably know one of those trunks that construction workers live in on the construction sites?... Yea, it was one of those =). I mean, it was cool. Not bad! Our own bad was that we had messed up with our hospitality rider, and you know; didn't get all the food and "soda" we wanted. But at least they had good sandwiches <3 ...and towels. 

When we started from Helsinki the rain started pouring down, and by the time we were in Tammisaari the stage and festival area were all soaked. The crew were armed with wipers, and wiped the stage dry, and carried literally all our stuff onstage. Ahh, that treatment! I wish we could do that on every Liberté gig. Any volunteers?

I think we really nailed this gig. Everything felt so good. We had a really, really good monitor mixer (in case he reads this). We had a slightly more refined, and "fashion" look than usual, with the aid from our visual artist Timo. Who do you think looked best? =) Now for a short stream of pics from the show. Many thanks to Maria Manelius for the colorful photos!
 Thanks to Yle for this photo =)

 Lovely audience!

After the gig: autographs!

Personally I love being on a stage of this size. You have the freedom to move (which is not always the case in our practice place!! (man, I thought moving freely was written in the human rights code)) and I somehow feel more comfortable up there, than on a small intimate stage.

I think the gig will be shown on the Finnish channel "YLE Fem" in the near future, but I'm not quite sure now. I'll keep you informed.

Remember our acoustic video from Luomustudio?
Well, theres more of that to come!!!
On Wednesday 13th at 14:30 p.m. we'll do a acoustic gig at Yobot, a frozen yogurt bar in Töölö, Helsinki. It's gonna be a small setup, for a few lucky fans, and some even luckier passersby. (this is one of those more intimate shows *shivering* =D)
Check out Yobot here:

Next week there'll be more on Popkalaset 2012, but from another town, and another band member.

'Till then, have a grrrreat time!


Monday, June 4, 2012

See You in June


Wow, Saturday is coming and it means only one thing: Popkalaset! We're gonna hit the big stage there at 4 pm, and boy are we excited! We've been getting ready for this gig for a while now and the show is gonna be on a whole new level. I don't want to reveal too much, but it's going to be the biggest leap forward since we started so you might not want to miss the show!

There's this cool new frozen yogurt place called Yobot  in Töölö that we like a lot. What would be a better place for Satin Circus to throw a gig? Exactly! So we'll play an unplugged gig there someday next week (we'll tell you the date once we get our schedules straight). So if you want to have a relaxed afternoon with us, eating frozen yogurt and listening to Satin Circus' songs, please stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter and we'll tell you the exact time when it's "going down, baby"! ;D

Last week we rolled out the "Peach Party" teaser from our EP and now it's time reveal the next one for "See You in June"! 

P.S. We just got word from Germany that we can start playing our songs on the Finnish radios, so don't be too surprised if you suddenly hear Krippe's voice everywhere :P

And we're live on Radio X3M on Friday, June 15th at 3PM!! We'll play a couple of songs unplugged and do an interview! You can watch the live stream at or listen to 98.8. (in Helsinki)

P.P.S. Look what I just got from New York!! You don't see ones like these everyday! 

See you in June,
Social Joe <3