Monday, June 11, 2012

Festival Life


The first half of Popkalaset 2012 festival is over. Despite the subtle but continuous rainfall, we had a gig to remember! First of all I want to thank all our fans and friends who were attending in spite of the weather, and also the fans who joined through the live stream =), and my own beloved, crazy, fan-club especially. You never let me down <3

Backstage arrangements were nice, with enough candy for all of us, and enough towels to keep our onstage MacBook Pro® s dry =/. And all the staff was friendly. I don't have a pic of our backstage room, but, you probably know one of those trunks that construction workers live in on the construction sites?... Yea, it was one of those =). I mean, it was cool. Not bad! Our own bad was that we had messed up with our hospitality rider, and you know; didn't get all the food and "soda" we wanted. But at least they had good sandwiches <3 ...and towels. 

When we started from Helsinki the rain started pouring down, and by the time we were in Tammisaari the stage and festival area were all soaked. The crew were armed with wipers, and wiped the stage dry, and carried literally all our stuff onstage. Ahh, that treatment! I wish we could do that on every Liberté gig. Any volunteers?

I think we really nailed this gig. Everything felt so good. We had a really, really good monitor mixer (in case he reads this). We had a slightly more refined, and "fashion" look than usual, with the aid from our visual artist Timo. Who do you think looked best? =) Now for a short stream of pics from the show. Many thanks to Maria Manelius for the colorful photos!
 Thanks to Yle for this photo =)

 Lovely audience!

After the gig: autographs!

Personally I love being on a stage of this size. You have the freedom to move (which is not always the case in our practice place!! (man, I thought moving freely was written in the human rights code)) and I somehow feel more comfortable up there, than on a small intimate stage.

I think the gig will be shown on the Finnish channel "YLE Fem" in the near future, but I'm not quite sure now. I'll keep you informed.

Remember our acoustic video from Luomustudio?
Well, theres more of that to come!!!
On Wednesday 13th at 14:30 p.m. we'll do a acoustic gig at Yobot, a frozen yogurt bar in Töölö, Helsinki. It's gonna be a small setup, for a few lucky fans, and some even luckier passersby. (this is one of those more intimate shows *shivering* =D)
Check out Yobot here:

Next week there'll be more on Popkalaset 2012, but from another town, and another band member.

'Till then, have a grrrreat time!


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