Monday, June 4, 2012

See You in June


Wow, Saturday is coming and it means only one thing: Popkalaset! We're gonna hit the big stage there at 4 pm, and boy are we excited! We've been getting ready for this gig for a while now and the show is gonna be on a whole new level. I don't want to reveal too much, but it's going to be the biggest leap forward since we started so you might not want to miss the show!

There's this cool new frozen yogurt place called Yobot  in Töölö that we like a lot. What would be a better place for Satin Circus to throw a gig? Exactly! So we'll play an unplugged gig there someday next week (we'll tell you the date once we get our schedules straight). So if you want to have a relaxed afternoon with us, eating frozen yogurt and listening to Satin Circus' songs, please stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter and we'll tell you the exact time when it's "going down, baby"! ;D

Last week we rolled out the "Peach Party" teaser from our EP and now it's time reveal the next one for "See You in June"! 

P.S. We just got word from Germany that we can start playing our songs on the Finnish radios, so don't be too surprised if you suddenly hear Krippe's voice everywhere :P

And we're live on Radio X3M on Friday, June 15th at 3PM!! We'll play a couple of songs unplugged and do an interview! You can watch the live stream at or listen to 98.8. (in Helsinki)

P.P.S. Look what I just got from New York!! You don't see ones like these everyday! 

See you in June,
Social Joe <3

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