Monday, May 28, 2012

Gigs & Photo-shoots

Yo Popsters!
Another great week behind us! We had two magnificent shows and one amazing photo-shoot session. More gig offers have been raining in so you have more chances to see us live. For example @Popkalaset! Be sure to reserve your tickets fast! :)

Big thanks to everyone that attended the Liberté & Kaivohuone gigs! You made it a night to remember! <3 For all of you that haven't yet been able to see our show, we give this live experience right in your home! Enjoy, Peach Party!

On Sunday we had an absolutely amazing photo-shoot session with our designer Timo Varamäki, photographer Karri Harju & our personal stylist Petriina Suomela. Kristian Palmu was our helping hand! We are so happy to have them on board! Here's a quick photo of the whole team, except for the photographer Karri of course!

We're so excited and eagerly waiting for the rest of it!
Loving the new looks! Quite sassy if I may say. Timo is full of crazy and lovely ideas <3 Along with Petriinas amazing styling expertise and Karris incredible photographing skills this session turned out extraordinary! A new lovely Satin Circus.

Here's some more photos from the
gig in Leipätehdas, Vaasa.

The ever so lovely Paul with a sweet tie!

                     Woop Woop!
Photos (last five) by YLE X3M / Ann-Catrin Granroth

Summer holidays are already here for some of us! But for the ones struggling with the last week, you can do it! :) Stay tuned for we'll upload more teasers from our EP the following weeks!!! Here's Peach Party once again! Pop on!

Have a lovely week and take care! Stay classy dear popsters! <3
-krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪

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