Monday, May 21, 2012

EP!!!!! and Luomustudio!

Heyyyy! Summer is here, and so are the smoothies!

It's been a great week! We finally got our EP ready, and that's a really big thing for us. We've had this band for two years, and up until now we've done everything ourselves. We've learned a lot during these two years so when we finally went to the studio with some of the best pop-producers in Finland we had really high expectations. Fortunately the results after almost three months of hard work were even better than we could have expected! We've spent a lot of long nights at the studio with the producers and we weren't the easiest clients, but the final result speaks for itself!! Thanks to Janne, Joonas and Miikka for the patience!

The last process of making the EP was the mastering, something that nobody (apart from those who do it) really seems to know anything about. It's the final polish that makes the music magically sound good on any device, from your phone's own speakers to the car's and to house-sized stadium speakers. Our mastering was done at Chartmakers. It was really cool just sitting there on comfortable chairs, listening to when our good-sounding songs got even better :D

 Mastering Room at Chartmakers

Svante Forsbäck, the number one mastering engineer in Finland, mastered our EP. He's also mastered records for Rammstein and other international acts.

HERE IT IS <3 (don't worry, that's not the final cover :D)

Celebrating with a bottle of Bollinger at my place!

We're SO sorry that you can't listen to this EP yet, but don't worry, the time will come! We've sent it to a couple of industry professionals in Europe, and though I can't tell you anything about the answers we've got, I have to say that it turns out we're not the only ones who think this stuff is good ;)

Just wait for it… And while you wait, be sure to come check us out LIVE!! After all, the reason why we do music is to be playing it live for our fans, and that's what we do best. So this wednesday, Club Liberte, 9 pm!!

Another thing that happened last week: our unplugged Peach Party video was released by Luomustudio! One camera, one microphone, totally unplugged! (batteries for my toy synth were allowed ;))
This is what it looks like!

We've been planning to have an unplugged mini-concert in the beginning of the summer at a place called Yobot in Töölö. They have the best frozen yogurt!!  (AND SMOOTHIES!) Stay tuned on our facebook and twitter so you don't miss it! :)

See you! (in June…)


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  1. grats on the EP you guys you're all amazing <3 yum yum yum that froyo looks good<3