Monday, May 7, 2012

How do I look?

Wow! It's been crazy busy last few weeks, but that's how it should be! :D The other guys have been writing about the recording, video sessions and such normal band related stuff, so here's a little something about the others aspects of Satin Circus :)

Yesterday we had a meeting with the "SC visual crew", the group that consist our costume designer Timo, hair- and make-up artist Petriina, photographer Karri, lighting designer Kristian and the graphic designer Vertti. They are super nice and talented people and I know for sure that in a couple of weeks we're gonna have some amazing new promo pics and a whole new look! :D 

We had so much fun! Timo had a huge pile of Vogue Hommes International magazines and scissors. We sat around and cut out the pics we liked and then made this collage out of all those things. I don't know if the result actually helped anyone but at least we had fun and got some great ideas in the process! :)

We've always thought that bands don't pay enough attention to the visual side of the "package", so we've given a lot of thought to clothing and all other things that the audience can see, rather that just concentrating on the hearing part. The problem was that even though we've always been very interested about clothing, it's not so easy to come up with a look that represents who we are as a band and also maintains each member's own personality at the same time. And to make that even more difficult we want to look like something special and unique, not just like four guys who went to H&M together and bought some clothes.

So now with these new people on board we'll be able to create a memorable look that no other band has! :) We've already booked a photo studio for the first session, so you'll be able to see the result quite soon. 
I'm also so thrilled to get to work with Petriina (hair and make-up). I haven't done anything new with my hair for a while and I'm looking forward to have a new look. Can't wait… :D

We're gonna put some more live videos to Youtube sometime soon, so check our channel regularly! The EP is also almost ready. The sad news is that because of the upcoming EP, we have to delete our demos from Facebook and BUT(!!!) we're gonna keep those at our soundcloud page until the EP is out, so if you wanna keep listening to those, you can do that at

The one with the natural sweetness ;D
Social Joe <3

Ps. This Friday we're going to Vaasa to play in the Popturné final! If we win we'll get to play on the big stages during the summer, so keep your thumbs up! :D



  1. I'm quite sure the scissors'n glue brainstorm will help the team a lot =D
    (B.t.w. love the manipulated jeans pic)

  2. you guys rule <3 and I agree with the jeans pic! arty stuff