Thursday, January 30, 2014

The day before the third


It's Thursday. Tomorrow it's Friday. Fridays are fun. This Friday in particular. 

It's time to release our third single. My thoughts are drawn to Andrew Wiggin, the third. Good thing we can release as many singles as we like to. It doesn't overpopulate the world. Or does it? Has the internet lead to a massively saturated music market with too much to choose from? There's been loads of talk about the situation, the pros and cons regarding the the easy accessibility versus the enormous selection. As an accustomed music listener I think this all is absolutely amazing. Everyone get's to have their way around when moving about the spheres of discovering new music. There is the typical mainstream medias putting out their créme the la créme there for everyone to enjoy, but if you have the time and energy to go searching for musical adventures there's literally a shitload of stuff out there. I remember when I stumbled upon Clean Bandit quite a while ago. I loved it and I remember thinking why isn't this more popular. Then now today I just noticed they're sitting at a spot in the top 100 tracks worldwide on Spotify and just scored a #1 in the UK singles chart . So what does this have to do with anything? Well, it's pretty awesome what possibilities this world wide web creates.  People from all over the world having easy access to music and hearing about it from a multitude of channels is a pretty powerful tool. It does come with a required prior condition. The content actually has to be good and find it's own listeners. There's hundreds of examples of artists and bands starting out from scratch and gaining their audience and finally making it. Just like Clean Bandit started their way somewhere, snatching up interested people here and there and ending up on the top, I hope we can too. Basically just trying to reach a large audience as possible! And with your amount of involvement I'm sure we can. You, our fans, do so much for us. You talk about us to others just from the pure joy of sharing stuff you love to your peers. You should always remember that it's clearly visible to us too. We even get a notifications informing us "You have a new fan". Getting constantly reminded that real people out there actually digs what we're doing is a huge inspiration and drives us to work even harder. And knowing that there's thousands of people enjoying our music helps us reassure ourselves that this is something worth fighting for. And now when I think about it, we've come quite far already. Our third single Expectations is release tomorrow(!) and our debut album in just a few months. o shiee. 

Enough ranting. By the way this blog post doesn't have any fancy pictures or anything, just my thoughts I tried to scribble down on a thursday night (not monday as it should've been :D). And now I'm finished. A glass of juice and a few games of Hearthstone will go perfectly with the mood and after that I'll hit the bunk! Take care and hope to see you in Gloria the 14.2. The album release gig you know? More info on facebook, twitter yadda yadda. 

btw. i think Expectations comes out on Spotify tonight 00:00. not sure tho! Find out yourself, I'm definitely sleeping.

- the kripp

edit: I forgot to mention, our album can be bought and shipped WORLDWIDE from here ->
it features our own stories about each song and loads of pictures etc. The leaflet turned out super pretty so I advise you to get it :) 

Friday, January 24, 2014

3 weeeks!

Hey everybody! With all the stuff we've had to do we've been a bit lazy with the blog, but now we're gonna start doing it again every week just as before :)

The start of the year has been crazy. So much to do and arrange, so little time. First of all, our FIRST ALBUM EVER will be released in 3 weeks!! oh my god. We've had this band for over 4 years and we've been working like maniacs, and to finally have the first album out is something we've waited for from the start. 

The other big thing we're waiting for is the album release party, which will be in Gloria, February 14th at 9 PM. Get your tickets here :) 

We've got so many new things on our live show that we haven't done before, the most important being the ability to move as much as we want thanks to our new wireless systems. Me and Paul bought wireless headset microphones, i got a Keytar with wireless MIDI, and Krippe and Paul got wireless transmitters for guitar and bass… That basically means that we can run around the stage throughout the whole gig. We've been waiting for this for years and finally being able to do it feels awesome!!

After the release we've got one week in Helsinki, and we're gonna do TV-filmings and radio interviews and stuff, and then our TOUR starts!! Starting February 21st, the tour looks like this now: Vaasa-Kemi-Turku-Stockholm (5 days on M/S Baltic Princess) - Bergen - Stavanger - Drammen - Trondheim - Helsinki. One month on the road! Oh my god, this is what I've dreamed of since the day we started this band with Olli back in 2010.. A real tour. Gonna be so much fun. I can't even imagine all the stuff we're gonna come up with being on the road for a month :D 

You better stay tuned on our instagrams and twitters and on our SC-vine account for more!

The Norway tour is just a start, we've got more international plans for the spring… Let's see about those later ;)

Talk to you soon!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Home At Last!


So guess what? I finally got a new apartment!! Woopwoop!! Such a relief after four months of “homelessness” :)

So if you didin’t know, I had to move out my old apartment four months ago due to a plumbing job. So since then I’ve been living out of a suitcase, constantly moving from one place to another. I thought that not having a home wouldn’t have affected me much, but turned out it did. Having your own place where you can feel save seems to be one of the very basic needs that a human being has. I only lived this way for four months, put still it really got under my skin. It’s just somehow very stressing knowing that you can’t stay in one place for very long. I can’t even imagine how it would be living on the street.

So anyway, the whole time I was going to the apartment showings, and they always seemed to have the same pattern. Everything was going nice and smooth until the question: 
- “So what do you do for living?”
- “I’m a musician. I play in a band”
- “Uh… Right… Ok so why don’t you leave me your number and we’ll get back to you”
And then I would never hear from them again. 

Now this would be the place where I could go on about how unfair that is and how prejudiced people are, but then again, if I’d own an apartment I don’t know if I would rent it to a musician either… :D

But enough with the crying, let’s concentrate on the bright side: I finally got a place! And not just some place, a really nice one too!! Just renovated apartment on the seventh floor with windows and a balcony facing to the Central Helsinki. I’m super hyped about it and can’t wait to get the keys! I never thought I’d been moving to Kallio again, but here I go :) The neighborhood seemed nice, and there are tons of nice bars near by. So if I someday get some money I could actually go to those places! ;D

Something super cool happened this week, but more about that later… ;)

Much love,
- Olli 

Ps. One has to have a cliffhanger :D

Pps. Next week (17.1 klo 16.15) we’re gonna have an unplugged gig in Ideapark Lempäälä near Tampere. Hope to see you there! <3