Monday, February 13, 2012

Almost spring

Oh hello! It's time to get Social again :D

The sun seems to be returning to Helsinki from its annual trip to the south, and it really shows. All kinds of human-like-creatures are crawling to the daylight from their holes and nests, and the smile has returned to the faces of the passers by. So now it's not only us Popsters! ;)

But let's get down to business and pop out the big question: what is Satin Circus doing right now? Well, apart from the top secret stuff done at the top secret location with some top secret people who have no birth certificate of any kind, we are working on couple of new songs. It took a while to come up with a new fresh sound that would still sound like Satin Circus, but finally we nailed it! I must say I'm really excited about these newcomers, and I know you'll be too once we get the demos done.

We're also working on our upcoming website and it's starting to look insanely great! :) I must thank our webmaster for the patience. I guess we can be annoyingly demanding at times… But as said soon we will have our very own .com page which will be the homepage on everybody's browser. Right?

We received some very cool pics from our last gig @Arabiasali:
(Thanks to Sami Sirniƶ)

You all must have heard about the unfortunate death of Whitney Houston last Saturday :( She was a special pop star for me in a way that no one else can ever be… She was the no. 1 on billboard the day I was born (you can check out the no.1 on your birthday here [Krippe had Michael Jackson, which explains a bit why he can sing the way he does. Axel and Paul had some never-heard-suck-ass songs, so there you go…])

But anyway thanks for reading this week's post. I'm Social Joe and I approve this message :)

Ps. Now you can hear our music here too
Please register here and give our songs 5 star ratings. That way you can hear our music on Radio X3M! :)

ps2. Loreen - Euphoria must be the 2nd best thing on the planet right now! We all know what's the no. 1 :D

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