Monday, February 27, 2012!!!!!!

Hey popsters! (Gaga has her monsters, Ke$ha's got her animals, One Direction have their Directioners (?))

It might seem like we haven't done much during the last few weeks but actually we've been doing a lot of cool stuff, mostly writing new songs and playing them. One of the coolest things that's happened is that we now have our own webpage:! (thanks to Naomi for the coding!!) Go check it out! If you think you know everything about us, go read our personal bios. I guarantee you'll be surprised!

Another thing that you might have heard of is that Krippe is playing guitar in "Frontside Ollie" -Robin's band, which is kinda cool too! Robin is currently the most hyped artist in Finland and his record sold triple platinum (60 000) in one day! That's more than any Idol winner or basically anyone else ever has :D

Here's a clip I filmed on their gig in Sello. It was.... well, you can see for yourself... Thousands of people were watching and some of the girls went really crazy and fought over who would get Robin's autograph. Krippe's been signing autographs aswell, he seems to be getting used to the popstar-life, traveling around the country from gig to gig, bonding with music business people and letting the record company pay for his food :D Somehow he still manages to get to band practice and to our songwriting sessions @ "Axel's Penthouse Crib" (check it out on foursquare!)

We have a new song that we're really excited about! It's called Peach Party and it might be our best song yet! You're gonna love it!! You might get to hear it sometime soon!

Then there is the secret stuff that we can't talk about yet, but one thing is for sure: something that happens in a couple of months will change the world. And who's gonna own the world that night? ;)

We've also been planning our first promo-trip! At the end of March we will travel to Tallinn to a music conference and promote our band to a bunch of music industry professionals: managers, agents, record companies! (our hotel's got a swimming pool so I guess there's gonna be a pool party of some kind... call us if you're in Tallinn that weekend…)

See ya!

smoothie sippin' Axel

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