Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow Hey Oh'

God day to ya' all!

Hah, I'm writing this while sitting in the Metro, being a bit late for our rehearsals, due to heavy snowfall… well thats what I told them ;)
It's been quite a lot of snow lately, which is cool, but not when it comes to parking your car near the Helsinki city center. That I found out yesterday when I had parked my car in a little pile of snow by the sidewalk, and got stuck! =( We were going to see a play starting in fifteen minutes, but just could not get the car out of the snow!! But then! My hero "Pontus the Movie-maker" appeared from nowhere! And using his strong video-maker forearms he single-handedly pushed the car trough the snow drift!

Pontus, you really are a cool chap! We already owe you for the fantastic Live tape you made us in Tölö Gymnasium. Check out the full version:

What's happening musically speaking is that we just wrote our first creamy ballad. It still needs some polish, but it's gonna be totally awesome! We've been working on a lot on new material lately and it feels like we have created some fresh new sounds. If you want to hear some of it you'll have to come to our gig in Café Mascot on april 3rd! Draw that into your calendar =)

Remember to vote in Radio X3M:s Osajnat. We uploaded three songs there:

//Paul <3

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