Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hi there!

Here I am, me and my bonbons, sitting in front of the screen wondering what to write about. 
A cool breeze flows through my brain as I'm thinking... and nothing is found. Not a single piece of trash, not even a plastic bag dances in my thoughts right now. So I guess this will just be pointless mind flow.

We've been on vacation for a couple of days. I've spent quite a lot of my time with my family who are otherwise scattered all over the world. I'm so grateful to see them! Especially my little nephews and my niece. They'd probably get offended if I call them little tho! :) 

Today I made hamburgers with my friend. They tasted delicious! I dare say they were even better then the lousy Hard Rock Café ones we went for last time. Complete rubbish! One hamburger joint you all ought to check out is NYC Burger in Ruoholahti. It's great! Then we watched Snatch. It was as good as I remembered.

I had so much fun on the Nosturi gig! So a huge thank you to all of the ones who were there! I managed to down the microphone stand like 5 times, quite proud of that! :) (& the meatballs backstage were quite tasty! Here is a list of our upcoming gigs! Hope to see you there! 

10.8 Nagu Rock, Nauvo

11.8 Linnanmäki Back to School, Helsinki

16.8 Radio X3M STK, Urheiluhalli, Porvoo

24.8 Mopo-rokki, Helsinki

18.9 Elämä Lapselle, Hartwall Areena, Helsinki

Olli bought a new acoustic guitar and he's been playing it a lot! Although we're having a short break and it's lovely I can't wait to get back and start working again!

I've tried to get a tan, but all in vain. I'm not made to look like a sun-kissed goddess, more like a cooked lobster, without the cooked lobster part since there's no sun here, so just back to my vampiric paleness.

Now my fingers itch and I need to go play more League of Legends! So have a great summer and see you around! Take care, oaky doaky?! 

she's way hotter than Paul, right? ;)

have  GREAT summer!

stay classy world! ~k xoxo

(btw, listening to an almost finished version of Sleep Tonight! muhaha, it's really sounding awesome! :)