Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sorry I'm late, might be fate.

Yo yo yo!

What's up? Long time no see. I was supposed to release this blog on monday, but I was busy.
But this time I have a good reason! :) We were filming a music-video for our second single!

*cheers and applause*

me and Plu getting ready for the long day
We started at 10 o'clock fiddling around with some last minute cloth combination changes and trying to get everything right! Then we headed out to the archipelago and stayed there the whole day. I wasn't home in my bed until 3 o'clock at night! :) It was a tough day, but we had so much fun.

It wasn't too hot that day which was good because we shot quite a lot of us playing in this open mine pit. I even got a small tan :) We had a mini helicopter with us that got quite cool camera runs! (pictures on Instagram).

I don't wanna spoil too much about the video but I'll tell you it's going to be a little bit different. Obviously this time we're not in Miami but in our dearly beloved Finland and I think it shows our nordic heritage a little bit better. But then again I have no idea how it's going to turn out, we're all eagerly waiting for the first rough editions! But I got to swim in the sea, Olli lit up the sky with fireworks etc. so I bet it's going to be amazing! A HUGE shoutout to our director Sami Joensuu, our director of photography Mikko Timonen, Erin, Roberto and the whole crew! We had a great time! And it all ended with a big BBQ party on this beautiful island!
baby come and light my fire
In about 15min I have to leave and go and record some more vocals for our album. They take the most time because they have to be perfect :) Today we shot an episode for Summeri (a finnish summer program)! One of our fans wanted to surprise her friend by getting to meet us, so we did! It was lovely! They had made a beautiful scrapbook filled with pictures of us from all the different gigs they had been on! We played a few of their favorite tunes for them and answered questions. We we're also in Radio Nova a couple of weeks ago read about it here!

Also I want to brief you about our vines! We've been working on them extra hard with Paul! They usually include some kind of conflict that then get's solved. Example of that is our latest addition to the P&K Art Production !

Now I have to leave! Take care and see you around!
 -krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪ ♥

ps. I only had a reason for it to be late on monday, from tuesday to thursday there is no excuse. sorry. (but I got a pentakill while playing Kennen in LoL yesterday [instead of writing this blog])

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