Monday, June 10, 2013

Stop Vining, I'm just 7 min late!!!

Thank you Sysmä for a great gig last Saturday!! It was great fun to see so many people there, even though it took a big effort to get to the place, Ilolan Kievari. I'm sure it paid off, cause we delivered one of our best gigs so far. Many new songs, and even two covers on the setlist. And thank you Ilolan Kievari once more for assisting on our EMMA music video!!!! You're the best! 

After the gig we stayed in Sysmä hangin' with Ollis cousins & co. We stayed in a hunting hut with stuffed animals all over the place, and a beautiful lakeside sauna. We also destroyed the neighbors dock b.t.w. whoops.... Still feel a bit sorry for that =D  

^^Writing lyrics is fun. C:

Album deadlines are approaching us, and right now we're perfecting the lyrics of the last few songs on the album. Hard!! [pretending to write lyrics, while I'm actually writing this blog, haha] Lyrics are a tough cookie!! 

We met AVICII (from a distance) last friday!! It was raining a little, but by the end of the gig we could see the sun behind the silhouettes of the rainclouds. 

Our new friend Sony(c)

Oh and I've got a new iPhone 5 as all of you have noticed, so I'm quite into this instagram thing now as it's new to me (my Nokia didn't support it X/ ). But the best thing so far is an app called Vine!! Go check it out, and follow us, @satincircus!!! I'll be posting lots of stupid, and artistic videos there as often as I can!

This is what a Vine looks like, and then it just loops forever!! Genius:

Couldn't make up my mind on a good title, so I made it a statement!!! Is it too much demanded to write a blog post every four weeks?!?!? ... =D Apparently!

See you in another four weeks!!



I like cooking a lot, so I thought I'd share some of my creations here in the blog! I'll call it Rediculously Experimentally Culinarist Paul's Extreme Cooking Thread, or informally R.E.S.P.E.C.T. I have always wanted a food blog of my own, and now I get it... yeyyyy!!

The other day I cut some fresh beetroot(punajuuri) to make some healther french fries. I call it "french beats"

As a main dish I prepared some Chili con Chorizo, as in Chili con Carne, but swap the "carne"(meat) with a hot spanish chili sausage called Chorizo! Es la leche!! 
Just add some mayonnaise, and Voilà! A perfect hot summer day dish!! 
Yesterday i made some "pasta scamorza". Scamorza is an Italian smoked mozzarella type cheese. I found one in the store the other day, and it looked so funny that I had to try it (see picture). Anytime I see something in the grocery store that I haven't tasted I buy it and try it, thats my motto! Well this is the resulting pasta. It tasted smoky and rich. I tried not to cover up the taste of the cheese with other ingredients, so I kept it very plain with only onions and tomatoes besides the scamorza.


Thats about it! What a long PS...


Take care

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  1. Hmmm, en oikein oo koskaan osannu fanittaa mitään bändiä, mutta musta tuntuu et taidan olla aika hulluna teihin. Jatkakaa samaan malliin! n__n