Monday, June 17, 2013


Roadtrips are the best! Since we (exactly) one year ago for the first time had a longer road trip (to Popkalaset in Jakobstad) I've loved the feeling. Being on the road with the best guys in the world is something you can't understand unless you've done it. 


When we on Friday started our way towards Untorock in Utajärvi the car was filled with this special vibe telling us that this weekend is gonna be legendary. A week ago we managed to break a pier in Sysmä (among other things), and this place was like 7 times farther away, so it just had to be 7 times crazier… And oh man it was… We spent Friday on Olli's summer cottage in Leppävirta. We grilled, chilled, and enjoyed the sauna and the lake. (which was unbelievably cold btw :D)

                                                       My boys

Krippe doing what he does best!
Paul taking a bath :D
Olli with his Emmustache :DD

On Saturday morning we hit the highway and I drove straight to Utajärvi without a single stop. It wasn't that we didn't want to stop, there just weren't any places. Hundreds of kilometers without a single gas station, what if we'd run out of gas?? Good thing we didn't :D We arrived in the lovely town of Utajärvi in the afternoon and set up our stuff in the local ice hockey hall where the festival was held.

The gig was great, and esecially Sleep Tonight turned out to be a new crowd favorite. We've never played it live before, so I loved watching the audiences faces when they heard the melody, the lyrics, the gentle guitar and Olli's (non-acoustic gig) debut on the glockenspiel. It was the second time in my life that I actually got the chills during an own gig. The last time was 2007 so it's pretty huge. I learned to love that song even more. One other song that always seems to be working is Own the World Tonight. No matter where we go, everybody seems to love it. It's the ultimate live song: simple, easy to sing along, party-themed. AND the saxophone melody.. EVERYBODY loves the saxophone. Somehow the song never sounds good in the studio so it's not gonna be on our album, but there's always a second album... 

Meeting the audience afterwards was fun as always. That's something we're gonna keep doing, meeting with fans after the gig. We're always gonna be the band that stays and talks, cause you're everything to us. Being there to talk to you and chill with you after the gig is the least we can do after all the support you show us. Meeting new people is nice, but what I love most is seeing when some of you travel hundreds of kilometers just to see us. Every time. And when that happens week after week it just… I don't know what to say. I love you.
Meeting fans :)

There is a saying: "After every great gig there's an even greater afterparty!" Ok, I just made that up but it should be a saying… Anyways, Ostrobothnia was one of the best after party places ever. The festival line up included Santa Cruz, the coolest rock band in Finland. You should check them out, those guys know what Rock n Roll is all about. I know the lead singer from high school, and when we went on tour like 4 years ago he once played a guitar solo on a ladder that was like 10 meters tall. That's what I call rock n roll!!

Santa Cruz!!

And rock bands know how to parteyyy… And so do the Pohojanmaa girls... After we'd watched the festival for a while we went to the spa/hotel where we were supposed to sleep. Well… We didn't sleep that much.. We spent most of the night at Santa Cruz's suite, where they had a sauna. Sometime around 3 we went rowing around a lake. Paul and Krippe were skinny dipping in the cold water and everybody was having a good time. I've got pictures but I'm pretty sure no one will ever see them... 


The way back to Helsinki was looong (600 km), but full of surprises. We stopped at the coolest place in Pyhäjärvi somewhere on the way. The place had all sorts of old bells and stuff, and there was an epic water fountain that played Bach :D

King Olli & the bells!

More bells..

The waitresses played melodies on the bells aswell :D
Okay, so that was one of the epic road trips, but not the last one.. I can't wait for the tours abroad.. Oh my, oh my..  And I hope we get to play (and party) with Santa Cruz again sometime! But until then, check out our Vine videos here:


What's up next? Tomorrow we're getting new haircuts (!!!!!) and we're meeting with a stylist. Why now? Cause we're filming our second music video in a week!!!! It's gonna be awesome, we have the same team that did EMMA! Can't wait to meet and work with Sami, Mikko and Erin again! 

And I can't wait for you to hear the new single and see the video!!

We only have a couple of more things to record for the album and after that it's ready! I promise that you're gonna love it!

This week we're gonna play unplugged on the streets of Helsinki, so stay tuned on Facebook and see you sooon!




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  2. omg! mä en jaksa oottaa sitä levyy ! ja haluun jo kuulla sen biisin ja nähä sen musavideonn ! <3 ootte ihanaa ! i love you <33

  3. matkustin sillon olympiastadiumille 500km :D ja en jaksa venaa ett kuulen Sleep Tonight biisin !!