Monday, September 24, 2012


Hi Popsters! <3

Last weekend we were in Vaasa at the Musik&Talang festival, and boy did we have fun! It was the same kind of showcase festival as the ones we've visited in Tallinn and Berlin, and once again we learned a lot of new things and met some music industry people from all over the world and got great tips and new contacts. 

On Saturday night we played a gig at a place called Ritz. It's an old movie theater that has been turned into a live music venue. It was one of nicest stages we've ever played. There was these huge stairs at the back of the stage which we could run up and down during the show. The light show was also nice, and I might have got the best monitoring (the audio signal that I hear from my headphones during the concert) I've ever had, so this time I didn't have to wonder how we sounded to the audience.  

© Julia Lytz 
Our hotel was also more than nice! For instance at the breakfast we could squeeze the juice by ourselves from loads of different fruits. Now that's what I call fresh! Also the 10th floor spa was kind of nice.. Every morning we went to the sauna and took a swim in the pool. Such a shame that I can't start the day like that at home too ;) 

10th floor spa

our room

Oh, and the room we got was also quite nice.... ;D

our view

Social Joe <3

Ps. The gig that we played in the Popkalaset festival in June will be aired on TV this Wednesday at YLE FEM at 21:40, so don't forget to watch that!

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