Monday, September 3, 2012

Just Married

I just want to say how much I love you all! I want to thank you for your support so far. Without popsters we are but a wingless butterfly!!

And now for the old, but non the less TERRIFIC news:  !!!

We just signed a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment! And it's a good deal! Not getting into any details, I can tell you that this is the beginning of something huge, colorful and international...hopefully worldwide. !!!!

Many people, outside and inside the music industry, often accuse record companies for being bloodthirsty business oriented organizations, who suck out the inspiration from unsigned talented acts. I have to disagree. Signing a record deal is like a marriage. It can go right, or it can go horribly wrong... you just have to choose your partner wisely! If you are a unsigned arty act, you have to find partners that are on the same wavelength, maybe a smaller indie label. For us Sony seemed to be the most appropriate one. And even putting the label aside, the most important thing is that they have to be excited!! 

Right from the start, the vibes we got from Sony and especially their A&R (artist & repertoire) were good. We were in a good situation in the sense that we had two major labels interested in us, so it was all about choosing =D What we liked in Sony was their international focus, their warm welcoming at their headquarters, and of course the overall good contract! Also the single most important contact in the record company is the A&R, and we really believe he's absolutely the right man for us! He is pop oriented, ambitious and an overall nice guy! =D The work has already started, and I'm looking forward to work my ass of this fall and beyond! XD

The signing of the contract itself was fun and relaxed. Here is footage from the short unplugged set we did for the Sony guys at the office:

The afterparty was held in a Satin Circus approved manner, starting with hamburgers in "Sävel" in Hakaniemi, and continuing to our beloved "Viking" bar. Actually they had went trough a process of translation and changed their name to "Viikinki"!!! Read about our "pikkujoulut" in our blogpost number two from December 2011 for reference. =D on to play with my new Sony VAIO, and Playstation 4½ that where included in the contract... X-]


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