Monday, August 27, 2012

New tunes and Berlin...afternoons....?

How are you Popsters? We're doing great, thanks for asking :)

We're living crazy times right now with Satin Circus. We've got some new partners who are giving us new inspiration and pushing us to work harder than ever on our songs. I have to say that I have never worked this hard, such long hours and I've never been this exhausted at the end of the day. And that is a lot said, since we've been working very hard for a long time. But since this is exactly what we want to do, working harder = being happier ;)

If the past few weeks have been busy, the next week is going to be even more hectic if possible. We're gonna keep on working on new songs, but that's not all. We're having a gig on Wednesday at Korjaamo (in Töölö, Helsinki) with a Swedish artist called Alina Devecerski! She had the second most played tune on Spotify last month, so this gig is a big deal. We're gonna give all we've got and have the best and biggest show so far, and you don't want to miss that! :)

Now, one might think that there would be enough for one week in these things alone, but since we're Satin Circus we're not gonna stop there. First thing Thursday morning we're gonna get on a plane and fly to Berlin, where a festival called Berlin Music Week is taking place. We're gonna stay there for a week playing gigs, promoting Satin Circus, taking part in the conferences, meeting German music industry people, playing in the streets and having fun! We had so much fun in Tallinn a few months ago, so we're really looking forwards to this! 

- Social Joe <3

Ps. I'm so sorry that I haven't able to have as much contact with you Popsters in the past two weeks as I should have had :/ We've been so busy, but I promise that this is not gonna be a permanent stage. You guys are the most important thing to us. You keep us going! We heart you <3

Pss. We found this super cool new place in Helsinki called Milli Miglia. It's in the corner of Kalevankatu and Albertinkatu. Go check it out! :) 

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