Monday, August 13, 2012

unplugged shows, Hanko gig and peach party video!!

Hey Popsters! It's been a crazy week once again...

On wednesday we played an unplugged gig at Yobot Frozen Yogurt and as you can see it was pretty great! Everbody seemed to know all our lyrics and the frozen yogurt tasted better than ever! 

Thanks to everybody who came! As we practiced our unplugged set we thought about something: why not go out in the streets and play??? There was no apparent reason for not having done that every day in the summer so we thought it's better to do it late than never! We took our stuff, put it up on the Eplanade and started playing!

We've been playing in the city a few times now and everybody's reaction has been really positive. We've also got a lot of new fans, and we're now more sure than ever that there has to be something right in what we're doing beacause so many people seem to enjoy it! We'll be playing in the streets this week too so keep your eyes and ears open for us if you are in the city ;)

Thursday was a big day for us, the launch of our very first music video! That was also the first time we released a song from our EP that we finished in the spring. In just one day we got more than 2500 views and now we're up in 6000!!! Thats absolutely amazing, thank you all so much<3!!! The way you've helped us really means the world to us! And please keep watching, sharing and telling your friends about the video so we can reach as many people as possible! 

On Saturday we played a gig in Hanko, and that was reaaaally awesome!! We were the headliners for the South FM Festival, organized by South FM, a summer radio station that has been playing some of our songs this summer. The place was full and people were dancing and singing! This is what we live for <3 There's no better feeling than standing on the stage when the audience is singing along! We also played a song we haven't played for more than 4 months, Party on Facebook, one of my favorites! The new synth sounds makes it sooooo much better than before ;) 

Before the gig we were chilling at the beach with our sound guy Krisse. (although I wuold prefer to call him Krille..) Having an own sound technician was soo nice, and we even got to use this thing we call "langattomat korvat", thats a Krippeism, and it really means wireless in-ear monitors, and they make moving on the stage easier because we're not tied anywhere!

                           our crazy glasses and krippe's crazy dance moves ;)

On Sunday we did an interview for Suosikki and that will be released soon! We've also been doing interviews and stuff for Vasabladet, Demi, Koululainen and other papers. We'll have to wait for some of those but the thing in Vasabladet was released a couple of days ago!

Here's the music video if you somehow have managed not to see it yet! ;)

Remember, from everyone who shares it we draw a winner (+ one friend) who gets to meet us, the whole band! We've got a really special afternoon planned, so you'd better share it ;) 

This week we'll have a couple of very interesting meetings, some vocal recordings and a lot of other stuff, stay tuned!!

ps. I'm really excited about some new stuff I bought. My Retina Display Macbook Pro, the fastest laptop in the world, makes our live synths work faster and better than ever, and my new saxophone, a King Zephyr from 1952 (!!!!!) has the poppiest sound you've ever heard! Come to our gigs and see for yourself ;)

-Axel <3

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