Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer nights and the future's looking bright

It's that time again. School has started! You get to meet friends and go back to your routines. On then streets everyone is buzzing around looking busy and important. The summer was lovely! Oh, it really was. But it feels good to return to your normal habitual life. But this year is a little bit different for us. Instead of sitting in a dull class in school, we're together working on our music. We pick the schedule, we are free! It feels super good! Right now we're in our studio. Axel is playing his toy synthesizer trying to figure out a melody with Olli. And I'm writing this delayed blog. Paul is on his way! All this freedom doesn't mean that we have an easy time. Hard work is certain if you want to succeed! But it's lovely to get to work hard with good friends!

So what have we done the last week? We have some interesting negotiations going on. Unfortunately I can't tell you more but you'll see soon :) We've had some good songwriting sessions as well! New songs are ready and we can't wait for you to hear them!  Enjoying the last bits of summer has also been quite high up on our priority list :)

Yesterday we announced the winner of the Peach Party - contest. Congratulations Silja! We're so excited about spending an afternoon with you! :D

 This week, the first real week of school & work is an important one! The attitude is all in your head, be happy and positive about it. It's much more fun that way! I hope you all have a great start on this term. Some of you have been asking when our next gig is. Guess what? We're doing a spontaneous gig this week somewhere at some time. So be on your watch, look out and stay tuned!

See you next week!
Stay classy dear Popsters - krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪

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