Monday, August 6, 2012

The sheer importance of shareing!

Haha! Crazy Satin Circus day today! We were at the practice place for like six hours, doing only paperwork and calls. You would not believe many of the things that compose a normal day in life for a band. XD All it calls for is a good "what we really do" meme! But I'll leave that to somebody else... Luckily we have a lot of fun too! Like yesterday when we had band practice from 9 p.m. to midnight, and afterwards watched the London Olympics men's 100m finals together in a sports bar (I won't insert That picture here :]]])

But what's causing all this paperworkfuzz? Well, it's our new music video of course!!! We've prepared the launch for "Peach Party" as thoroughly as ever possible, and the magic moment of the release is now final: Thursday 9th of October at 5 p.m.! Precise!

Now, when we've done everything we could have done to make a good song, a good video, and arranged as much media coverage as possible for it, it is really just up to you, dear fan, to make this the youtube-hit it wants to be.

On Thursday 9th, the dearest thing you, as my friend or as fan (or both) can do, is to SHARE the video! I promise to personally give you a hug of at least 20 seconds when we meet next time, if you SHARE Peach Party. Thats also why we created THIS event! Sheer SHAREING is sheer LOVE!

<3 Rayban <3 Photo: Karri Harju

I'm not superstitious, but I believe this is a good sign:
I found Four (4!) four-(4!)-leaf clovers by the sidewalk just an hour ago! Thats crazy! One for each Satin Circus member mabye? xD But!!! That's not it! Just before I went inside I found a Five leaf clover!!!! And not only one!!! TWOOOO! SHIIIEET EVEN THO I'M not A BELIEVER, SUPERSTITIOUS, HYPPoCrite... I still BEliEVE in Common SENSE, AND this IS NOT NORMAL!?!? BIoloGY was one of my strong subjects in school, and I KNOW you don't find five leaf clovers every day!!! Let alone TWOO! (or then Espoo is just a huge dumpster for some kind of radioactive waste...witch actually would make a lot of sense... (just joking :]))

Or mabye it was sheer luck! ;)

And remember our Yobot gig on Wednesday! I won't share the event, 'cause there's gonna be serious problems making the 58 people already attending fit into the bar. =D Haha, ok. Here: GIG <3 I advice you to be on time if you want to see anything. =]
 But...POPSTER HINT! Tomorrow, if you're lucky, you can spot us playing unplugged on the streets! (somewhere near Esplanadi in Helsinki)


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