Monday, September 10, 2012

Berlin, Berlin, Berlin!

Heyyy popsters!! <3

Life is perfect right now. It's a beautiful summer morning in Berlin, 25 degrees and sunny. And the forecast says 30 degrees for today! (in September!!!!) I'm sitting in the Hostel lobby listening to Mylo Xyloto and writing this blog as the others are sleeping like babies.

Last week we did an unplugged TV-gig and an interview for Yle Fem and played a great gig at Korjaamo. The gig was a great way to end our live-shows for the summer, and now we're focusing on making the best debut album in the history of pop music! But we'll be back live before you know it! And I really mean that! We've got something special planned for the late autumn ;)

Thanks to all who came, we really loved playing for such a great audience!! And the guys from Sony and Rähinä Live were also very happy!

The next morning, at 4(!!!) we flew to Berlin! We were supposed to attend the Berlin Music Week, an international music conference and festival for music industry professionals. Unfortunately most of the program was in German and the festival wasn't very well organized... Well, better luck next time :D

The good thing was that we took our unplugged set with us from Finland! So, one morning we just took our instruments, found a good place and started playing! And what a response we got!!! One thing is for sure now, this music works in Germany!!! And as we're playing in the streets, we earned enough money to basically get free food, beer and train tickets :D Just perfect! We're getting more and more confident that our music works everywhere. Playing in the streets is an easy way to see how people react. Some might have a bad day when they get there but when they hear our music and see the positive energy the result is just amazing! Every frown turns into a smile and every smile turns into an even bigger smile. We're doing something right :)

After we played Hello Hello, a nice English lady came to me with the perfect upper class accent and said: "I was once also young and free with no responsibilities, but that was a long time ago!" That made my day! And somebody's actually listening to the lyrics ;)

We've developed a dayly routine: We start with a great Berliner Früchstück in the morning, take the S-Bahn to some cool place and start playing. We play a couple of sets, then take a couple of hours off in a park or something, and then we go back to play some more. One evening we just sat in Tiergarten til late in the night and played smooth jazz for ourselves. We also wrote a couple of country songs.... :D Travelling with the guys has been soooooo awesome, I can't wait for the world tours ;)

I hope all of you are having as good a time as we are <3


Greetings from Berlin! See you all soon!

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