Monday, September 17, 2012

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Hi there!

Traveling is lovely. But the feeling of returning home is also wonderful! We've settled down nicely since Berlin, getting back to the studio and writing songs all day long. We tried to bring back some sunlight from Berlin and occasionally it even worked! But the weather gods have been a bit bipolar, smashing rain and sun in our faces sporadically. I even had to go get my winter jacket from the attic! In other word(s), autumn.

I like it. The trees get colorful and you can drink tea. Not that you can't drink tea otherwise, but it warms you up in a different way when it's windy and chilly outside. I'm sure Tea Master Paul gets it :) We're mostly busy with writing material for our upcoming album. We've worked our special battle teams! Like for example, if we need a killer pre-chorus we send Paul and Axel upstairs with a mini-keyboard and a laptop. After a while they come back with a great part (!) that I and Olli then proceed to refine; shredding it to pieces and making it even better! And after a while we show it to them, they get angry and we fight and then make up, hug each other and go and eat, then start over again. In the end we end up with great material! Of course the teams vary depending on the song, style and preference.  But team K(ristian).O(lli) is a pretty knockout combination.

Apart from our daily labor in the studio we have some upcoming gigs! Some of them are still a secret(!) but this week we're popping out in Vasa! It's part of the music conference Music & Talent. We're playing this Saturday in Ritz at seven. So Saturday the 22nd of September in Ritz, Vaasa @ 19:00. It's gonna be mayhem! Positive mayhem. We're also taking part in a panel discussion about how to make it as a band, ought to be fun! I promise you'll get to know about the other gigs later on, since you ask all the time :)

It's so nice to see that our trip to Berlin bore fruit! Our fan base is growing at an amazing pace! Keep spreading the word all around the world!

That's it for me now, see you next week!
Stay classy dear Popsters - krippeヾ(^∇^)'ー♪


(airport at 5 in the morning ._.)

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