Monday, October 15, 2012

Winter is Coming


It's been a fun week! The best thing about being in a band is such varying workdays. Last week we had a couple of gigs and a lovely photo shoot! The weather was stunning and life was good. Then again, this week we've sat in our studio trying to make breathtakingly beautiful and stupefyingly smashing music. Sadly, it has mostly turned out substandard, but we've had good laughs fooling around. We haven't had this much fun in months, mainly because we're really tired! :D 

We're taking a vacation!

Paul took a head start and flew to Stockholm today! Olli is heading towards insanely beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia on Wednesday. I might head off to London to see some friends and Axel.. well he'll stay in rainy Helsinki. Muhaha!

But Olli always has the energy to bring it!

We hope to charge some energy and come back in tip-top shape to make some kick-ass music.

Good news! The temperature hit -1°C(30.2°F) this morning. As Lord Eddard Stark (R.I.P) would say "Winter is Coming". Autumn was gorgeous, but the nice part is clearly over. So can't we just skip ahead to happy & fluffy Winterland?! Or might it be to soon? Nah, I like Christmas. My birthday is coming up <3 The other guys are probably gonna kill me for even thinking about Christmas :D hah, so might even you dear Popsters.
Here's some Christmas lights I put up!
But hating on Christmas in October is so passé! Every year the stores start their Santa Clausian advertising around this time, and every year everyone gets upset about it. Then a couple of months later everyone's mushy, stating how much they love it. So embrace it already, and be happy <3. If by some chance you're still irritated, your rage letters concerning pre-Christmas disorder reaches me at n_n'

Talking about winter, HERE is the event for our Christmas gig with Robin in Jyväskylä the 9.12. Attend, share, tweet and care!

Just a quick reminder that we post exquisite & exclusive material on every single one of our channels. That is, facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagramblogspot. So stay on top of things and catch 'em all! You all are already exceeding all of our expectations dear fans. Maybe because we don't expect anything from you at all, but STILL you tweet, comment, post pictures of satin circus stuff you make (loving the t-shirts btw!), heart, share and are overall insanely cute. 
Thank you so much!
© Henna Hyvärinen

That's it for me now, see you next week!
Stay classy dear Popsters - krippeヾ(^∇^)'ー♪

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