Monday, October 22, 2012


Hi there Popsters! :)

Usually I'm writing about gigs, writing songs and other "band stuff", but this week I'm going to tell you about something completely different. As Krippe mentioned in his last week's blog we had a couple days off for the first time since July, and I used those days well :D

The Old Town and some random guy ;)
When we decided to have this "mini holiday" I booked a trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia with some of my best friends. I was looking for a nice relaxed holiday, but to be honest, since I hadn't done any study about Dubrovnik I wasn't expecting too much from the resort and boy, was I pleasantly surprised once we got there!

 The most fabulous and beautiful old town I've ever seen! The whole town was squeezed inside the ancient city walls which meant that everything was quite "tight". The streets were often so narrow that two persons couldn't walk side-by-side, and I had to walk sideways to be able to get passed the corridor in our hotel. It might sound like a nightmare for some, but for me it was heaven. I love the way the cities were built back then: buildings were charming and close to each other. It's so cozy, and no car can get in. 

The view from our balcony
The balcony in our hotel room was another great surprise. It turned out that because of the very narrow streets there was only a very few balconies in the whole old town and our room just happened to have one! Since our hotel was on a hill and we had the top floor, the view was spectacular! I had some of the breakfasts and sunsets of my life up there :) 

The sunset
Me jumping into the sea :)
 Once I stepped outside the city walls I found another pleasant surprise: the bright blue Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful coastline which went on as far as eye could see. Since we had luck with the weather I ended up spending most of my time laying on the rocky cliffs by the sea and on the white beach.

Now we're back in Helsinki writing songs and practicing for the Wednesdays in Kamppi shopping center. We're gonna play at the main plaza at 4 pm. (16.00). The gig will be aired live on Radio X3M. See you all there!! 

Sorry for the "travel blog" :D
- Social Joe <3 

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