Monday, January 14, 2013

Fan Mail

Hi Popsters!

Last Friday we had a meeting at Sony Music and I was so delighted to see a big pile of letters, packages and christmas presents you guys had sent us. We spent that afternoon reading all the letters together, and there was a lot of smiling going on in our little reheasal room :D Thank you so much for all the support you are giving us! We try so hard to do the best we can, and it means the world to us to see people responding :) We try to come up with some extra fun to you guys who sent the letters and packages! :)

And if you would like to send us something, but don't know where to send it, the address is:

Sony Music Entertainment Finland
Tallberginkatu 2 A, 5.krs
00180 Helsinki


for e-mail :)

The production of our first single has taken some huge leaps, and we're hoping to start recording vocals this week. We're so excited about all this, and I can promise that it's going to sound so good! Once this thing comes out you'll be the "cool kids" who knew it before it was cool… though it's pretty damn cool already!! :D

We're also writing a script for the music video that will be announced at the same time with the single. We have picked a very exotic place for the shoot, and I think it's pretty safe to say that it will be the best trip of our lives. And the video itself will be something that Finland has never seen before!

Don't forget to get your ticket to our next gig in Vuotalo, Helsinki the 25th of January (you can get it HERE)! That show will be different from all the other shows we've had so far, so be there! :)

- Social Joe <3

It's cold outside. Don't forget to wrap up warm! :)

Ps. We got memberships to one fitness club a couple weeks ago, and we've been going there five times a week for the last two weeks. Today we went to BodyPump, and I can hardly lift my hands right now… :D

Pps. Here's last weeks vBlog!

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