Monday, January 21, 2013


!! WE ARE GOING TO MIAMI BABY!!!! IT'S Gonna be TOTALLY STUPEFYINGLY SPLENDIFEROUSLY GRREAT!!!! Oh, and we're shooting our music video there too b.t.w! =D Man, I still can't quite believe it myself!!! 


*puts himself together*
Hi popsters!

At the moment Krippe is doing lead vocals for our single #1. While he's singing his ass of in the studio this evening, I'm in a music school teaching youngsters how to rock (bass lessons and band lessons)!! I'm just a substitute teacher, and it's not always easy to jump straight into teaching someone else's pupils. But these guys are the best! =D I started teaching Peach Party to one of the boys! (I meant to take photos, but I forgot :'[ )

The 24th of january at 19 sharp, something verrry special is gonna happen, as I said in yesterdays vBlog, We're doing our first Tweetcam for you! One day before our epic concert in Vuotalo, you can tweet us your questions and greetings, and get all the inside information you want about our gig, our lives and our upcoming album. I have no idea of how a Tweetcam works... it's gonna be dope!!

Now don't be scared! It's just my new collar... 
(found some screws attached to a plastic thing)


Still wanna thank all you lovely fans for your x-mas presents and other fanmail! You're beautiful!! And I'm actually eating the Tutti Frutti candy I got from Tiisku and Helkku right now. There soooo good, especially the sour ones!

So proud of my artwork---->

Remember to brush your teeth after eating candy... 
See you on friday 25th @ Vuotalo


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  1. so happy for you guyys, and can't wait for Thursday<3 ;)