Thursday, March 22, 2012

Studio Diaries: Part 3

Hey everybody! It's been a really busy week! We've been recording all kinds of stuff: guitars, synths, backing vocals.. Today we were at Neomusic for 8 hours recording synths for Own the World Tonight. It's a really hard song, but I promise you the version that will be realeased in May is gonna blow you mind.......... total epicness.......

We tried a synth recording technique that the great producer Dr. Luke used on Tik Tok and California Gurls, and you'll hear how punchy my Juno 106 sounds!! It's been so great working with Janne and Joonas, every minute in the studio I learn more than I've learned in school during the last 2 years...

We've also been practising every single day to guarantee you a spectacular gig in Mascot on the 4th of April!! The new arrangments are..... well, you should be there! And the new songs... you'll see....

WOW!!!! HERE'S SOMETHING AMAZING!! I just got an invite to watch a youtube-video, and guess what! It's an acoustic cover of our song Party on Facebook!!!!!!! Sometimes when we're working all day and all night we forget that some people besides ourselves actually listen to our songs and like them.. I can't tell you how happy this video made me... and I think I can speak for Krippe, Olli and Paul too!

Thanx Selma!!!! <3

                                              Joonas & Krippe
                                             I think he has an idea :D
                                             Janne's Moog is better than mine :(
                                            Recording vocals!
                                            @ Neomusic
                                    band practice.... it really is a party on facebook ;)

                                          My first synth love, the amazing Juno 106 <3

We'll keep you posted about everything! Stay tuned!!


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