Sunday, March 18, 2012

Studio Diaries: Part 2

Studio Diaries: Part 2

YEAHHH! Drums, bass and grand piano recorded!! Our 2 days at the Helsinki Music Center Studios went better than we ever could have expected! 4 songs are on their way to perfection! There's still a lot to do (synths, vocals, more guitars...) but we're really happy that this part is done! And I thought I was gonna watch the others play and take some photos and hang on facebook but NO WAY, I actually played some real grand piano to some of our songs! COOOOL!!

Tomorrow I'm taking my vintage (1984) Juno-106 synth and we're gonna record some cutting-edge synth sounds to the songs with mr. Joonas! More on that later. Have a great Sunday night and Monday morning!



                                                           playin' some piano

                                                THE bass
                                                  recording some piano!

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