Saturday, March 17, 2012

Studio Diaries: Part 1

The studio diaries

Part one: Saturday

Welcome to the first part of the Satin Circus Studio Diaries! I know you're all tired of hearing about zombies, clothes and snowy cars…. NOW'S THE TIME FOR THE REAL STUFF!!! Starting today, this blog will be updated more often, at least for the following weeks. We'll keep you posted about the different stages in recording our EP, and we'll include lots of videos and photos!

The thing about this EP is that it's the real stuff. No more demos. When these songs come out, we will be ready to conquer the world! Or Own the world.. 

Our producers J&J started working on these songs a about a month ago, and now it's time to record drums, bass and guitar at the Helsinki Music House. Tomorrow we'll continue with more drums, bass, guitar, and also grand piano and saxophone! I have to practice :D

We started at 8.30 today by building our setup in the studio here. First was Peach Party, a brand new song, and one of our favorites! It's very summery and has a great twist in the C-part.. You'll see… It's gonna be great! 

Next was Own the World Tonight! Imagine Satin Circus with a bit of David Guetta's Titanium…

We recorded some big choirs in the big room, it was kinda cool :D
It's sometimes funny to see how these songs evolve, here's one true story:

In the summer me and Olli were at Krippe's house writing songs (when Krippe was in Indonesia :D) We started writing around a saxophone melody and then came up with the chorus. For the other half of the chorus iI just sang something that came into my mind and Olli was like: hey, what's that, let's use it! And that melody was exactly what we're singing here! It feels amazing to finally hear it as it should be. Okay, as it really should be is a stadium of fifty thousand people singing along. But that time will come!

More tomorrow night!


                                                             Paul just heard he can't play slap bass :(

                                                                     The most important thing!!

                                                                  Drum 'n Bass

                                                             Nice speakers...

                                                            the producers!

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